Why You Need a Capsule Wardrobe

I've mentioned here and there about recently curating a capsule wardrobe, and even though they're gaining popularity, it seems lots of people either 1. don't know what they are or 2. are on the fence about them. There's a misconception, I think, that they can be limiting or boring when they're anything but that. 

For starters... what is a capsule wardrobe? In essence - it's a wardrobe that consists of everything you need and nothing you don't. It's a mix of basics and versatile seasonal/trendy items that can be mixed and matched so you're ready for every kind of event, from day-to-day to business casual, to date nights and beyond. They're smaller wardrobes focused on quality over quantity, classic silhouettes, and tailored to your exact lifestyle. 

Now, if that's not enough to convince you, I've made a list. A list of why you need a capsule wardrobe... even if you're a die hard fashion fan, love to shop, wear many different hats and have to have a matching dress for them all, even if you're a stay at home mom and think of clean yoga pants as fancy wear... The whole point of the capsule wardrobe is to pair down to the minimal so that everything you own has a purpose. 

I promise it could work for you, because it's worked really well for me and let's just say... I'm hard to please. 

1. Your closet won't be a mess. I know, it's almost like a point of pride to have an overstuffed closet full of endless opportunities for cute outfits. But if you're much like me, when your closet gets over-full, you still end up going back to the same things over and over again. They're conveniently placed near the front so you don't have to spend precious morning minutes sifting through things. But when you neglect parts of your closet for months on end, things tend to get a little ratty in the back corner, hangers get askew, and eventually it's impossible to find anything. 

2. Everything fits you. I'll explain in this whole concept a little more in depth in an upcoming post, but basically, nothing goes into your capsule unless it fits and flatters you right now. Not you 3 months ago, not future you who may or may not lose those 10 lbs. We all have a pair of leggings that forgives us on a particularly bloated day and that's fine, but it's really freeing to just let go of the clothes you don't fit into and have things that do fit you, and things that make you feel good about yourself every day, just as you are. 

3. You have everything you need. I spent a lot of time when I was out shopping or killing time perusing racks and racks of clothes. I mean, pre twin toddlers, that is, but even now, I find myself sifting through online stores. And so many times things have caught my eye and I've debated with myself. "Do I really need this?" I would ask... but now, I know the answer. I go through seasonally and work through my wardrobe, figure out what's missing, and have a list of items I'm specifically looking for. If it's not on that list, nope I don't need it. So that answers my my first question... which leads me to my next question in that debate...

4. You have the freedom to buy things you love. Do I love it? is the next question. Because not everything in life is about whether it's necessity, and if a piece of clothing doesn't necessarily serve a functional role in my wardrobe but makes me feel amazing while I'm wearing it, then that's totally worth it. If I find something I love that's not necessarily on my list, and I truly love it and it makes me feel pretty, then I don't doubt whether I should buy it (unless it's a pair of Jimmy Choos at Nordstrom. Then I have to reel it in a bit...). But this also counts for when I'm looking for a specific item to add to my wardrobe. For instance... I've been on the hunt for the perfect cardigan for this fall. I've been looking for months and months, but couldn't find it. Sure, there are about a billion boyfriend cardigans on the planet, but none were exactly what I wanted. That is, until I found it at Nordstrom. It was $100 which is more than I've ever spent on a sweater before, but it was versatile, fit me well, and I knew I would wear it a ton. And because I'm not planning to buy 10 other mediocre sweaters this season, ultimately spending wayyy more than $100, I bought it. And I'm so glad I did because... cashmere.

Capsule Wardrobe (2 of 9).jpg

5. You have freedom to buy other things you love besides clothes.  It wasn't until I stopped buying so many random clothing items here and there that I realized just how much I was spending unnecessarily. $20 for a pair of shoes feels like a steal, until you wear them once, never again, and end up donating them. Multiply that (or more) by 20 or 30 items a year (or more), and I could have paid for plane tickets to somewhere really nice by now!

6. You get to have more fun with accessories. I'll admit, I'm not a huge jewelry person. I like simple jewelry looks, but I've realized how essential jewelry and accessories can be in making an outfit your own. Anyone can wear skinnies and a tee - but what I do to complete that outfit is what makes it personalized to me. And whether I dress it up with heels and a statement necklace, or down with sneakers and some studs, it makes that one outfit multi-functional and totally styled to my taste.

7. You can really define your style. It was intimidating to me at first. It felt like I was putting pressure on each item of clothing I liked or owned. And I guess in a way I am, but it's really benefiting me in the long run. As I'm learning to only buy things that I love and fit me well, things that have purpose in my wardrobe, I'm really honing in on how I want to dress and how I want to feel when I dress.  (AKA Like Stay-at-home-Beyonce... or something like that)

8. You can buy higher quality. And you should buy higher quality. Although I definitely get sucked into the appeal of inexpensive clothing, and even get sucked into buying it, I finally see the value in buying quality pieces that will last me for many seasons. I mean $100 jeans that last 3 years are ultimately less expensive than 6-7 pairs of $20 jeans, and the $100 jeans that I bought that were perfect and went with lots of things, they probably fit me better in the first place.

9. You get to be more creative. When I buy a piece of clothing for my capsule, I want to be able to wear it with a ton of different outfits, and have it work with different occasions. Take this striped midi pencil skirt, for instance. It's stretchy and goes below the knee so it's mom-approved, but it's still versatile to go for date night, play dates, or even drinks with the girls. The whole point of a capsule wardrobe is that almost every item in your close can be that versatile so whereas before I might have felt like I needed a play-date skirt, a date night skirt, and a moms night skirt, I can make one do the job of three (plus) and save myself the money and hanger space.

Capsule Wardrobe 10.jpg

10. You'll spend less time. A smaller closet is easier to be familiar with so as I'm doing my hair and makeup, I already have a pretty good idea of what I'll pull out of the closet. Granted, it may change a bit as I put things on, but I don't spend the 10 minutes I used to just sifting through clothes wondering what the heck I am going to, and eventually concluding I have nothing to wear. It saves me a lot of headaches and frustration, not to mention the fact that that gives me 5-10 extra minutes to spend on my makeup. #holla #browsonfleek 

So, in conclusion, you need a capsule wardrobe. Stat. And you're wondering - how do I create one? Where do I start? What do I need? Don't worry, friend, I got you. In the next few weeks I'll be covering everything from cleaning out your closet to building your wardrobe piece by piece. 

In the meantime, though, have a wonderful, happy, amazing weekend. I'm in LA today for BlogHer (!!!!) and I'm so excited to be here. Also, Insta Stories. You feelin' it? I am - check it out! @saradearblog :)