What We Ate No. 3

I was in kind of a fool slump this past week. Didn't really feel like cooking much, just wanted easy dinners that didn't require too much prep or too much clean-up. We ended up with some good staples, a nice at-home Steak and Bake, and a leftovers Breakfast-for-dinner that ended up being my favorite meal of the week.


Since I had the Alaskan Pollock Burger post due on Thursday, I went ahead and made them on Monday. They were delicious and the leftovers made great lunch the next day. You can find the recipe here. :)

(Taco) Tuesday + Wednesday

I made these Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas. They're one of our favorite slow cooker meals, and they make a TON. I halved the recipe and still had plenty for leftovers, lunch leftovers, and we still have leftovers in the fridge. But man were the tacos delicious...every single time. Mmm. 


In the spirit of keeping it simple, and having bacon in the fridge that needed to be used, we made BLTAs - one of my very favorite sandwiches. The addition of a garlic aioli from Trader Joe's was delicious. It needed the acidity. 


We don't really eat much red meat around here but both Tomas and I have both been feeling like a good steak lately and all the stars seemed to align when we found them for a decent price at the store. We paired grilled steaks with baked sweet potatoes topped with a yummy (if not slightly indulgent) cinnamon honey butter which was all delicious. It was a lovely way to end the week, dining outside (read: keeping the dinner mess outside), and the weather was just perfect for it.

(Meatless) Saturday

I'm trying really hard to keep a Meatless night in the roster each week, even if it's not Monday, but I'm finding myself in a Meatless funk lately, so I turn to carbs + cheese - the old reliables. Tomas doesn't eat beans so lots of meatless options seem to be off the table. But luckily, frozen ravioli and our favorite tomato sauce came to the rescue and provided a (carby and cheesy) Meatless Saturday dish. Bonus points though - the boys ate every last bite. And asked for seconds. And third. 


Funny enough, our leftovers day ended up being my favorite meal of the week. I like to make Sunday dinners a clean-out-the-fridge/ breakfast for dinner night and it turns out leftovers ended up being a total win. The leftover steak from Friday topped scrambled eggs perfectly, and some berries and avocado ended up being a delicious fruit salad, paired of course with an evening cup of jo in the best Breakfast-for-dinner mug. 

So - that's what was for dinner this week. How about at your house? Any new recipes you want to share? What about (beanless) ideas for Meatless Monday (or whatever day of the week I get around to vegetarian options?

Happy Monday! It's an awesome week, y'all! 


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