What We Ate No. 2

Somehow short weeks are always the busiest. Though really, every week is busy around here, but we managed some pretty tasty meals with a mix of tried-and-true recipes, a couple new ones, and quick and easy stuff to fill in the gaps.


We had some wonderful friends over for 4th of July. We made burgers, brats, banana pudding, had plenty of watermelon and beer to go around. I was able to grab a couple shots before our guests arrived, but with 7 kids between us (ages 6 and under), we were a little busy. But it was a lovely time and the rain held out for the most part, except for a little 10 minute downpour.


Leave it to Seattle to be cold and rainy on the 5th of July. I took the opportunity to make this Shrimp + Corn Chowder from Damn Delicious, making use of the tons of leftover grilled corn we had from Monday. It's full of smokey paprika, bacon, corn, and shrimp. I'm not sure what else you could ask for.


Wednesday was date night for us, something we're trying to do at least monthly. So the boys had quick sandwiches, and we left to have an evening of summer fun at Movie in the Park. We saw Back to the Future, an oldie but such a goodie, and ate delicious foot truck food. So much food truck food. It was, of course, delicious, as was the massive amount of homemade popcorn we took along and a movie and evening under the stars was a wonderful way to reconnect for a little while. 

It did help that the people sitting behind us had a 6 month old puppy we got to snuggle for a while. #PuppyFever


Since Meatless Monday ended up being a beef-filled Fouth of July celebration, we made up for it with a tofu version of our favorite PF Chang's Lettuce Wraps. This is a stand-by recipe that we always love, but I'm still working on the whole ground tofu thing. I've looked up several ways to make it, but I just haven't found a way that makes it the way we like it. So if you have helpful tips for that, I'm all ears (eyes?).

It was still tasty though, and serving it like a giant Asian flower (almost) made up for any texture fails. 


I had every intention of making a nice homemade meal, but I ended up coming down with something and being down and out for the evening. Tomas whipped up some pretty tasty sandwiches, though, which I was grateful for and I got the rest I needed so I could feel better over the weekend.


After not feeling like eating much on Friday, some comfort food was just what I needed. I made our favorite Enchilada Casserole (and might have added more cheese than was probably necessary). Delicious, but very rich, so it made plenty of leftovers to go around.

And PS, that's extra enchilada sauce bubbling up around the edges. I checked, hahahaha.

What We Ate 2 1 (1 of 1)-2.jpg


 Like I said, Saturday's casserole left plenty of leftovers. And after a day of photos, IKEA, and working in the hoarder room (AKA our home office), it was nice to be able to just heat something up for dinner really quick. We ended up meal planning for this week around the table together with good drinks and singing Old McDonald, which wasn't a bad way to end the week. 


And that's what we ate last week, y'all! Be sure to follow me on Pinterest for more meal ideas and subscribe to my newsletter (below) so that you never miss a meal planning post, all the yummy recipes, and all the food photography you could ever ask for. Plus a sprinkling of kid pictures... they're the real gems here. :)

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