What We Ate No. 1

It's the beginning of a new era, y'all. NEW ERA. New numbering system. New naming system. Mark this day in history as the first day that Sara Dear brought you a entire post full of food-tography. Only in 2016. #NotaHipster #IJustLikeFood #AndPhotographingIt

Firstly... can we talk about Summer produce for a minute? I always miss this in the fall and winter months because I can just keep loads of (cheap!) fruit in the refrigerator and they are great for snacks, sides with lunch or breakfast...  eating by the handful as I'm making dinner... just me?


We usually go grocery shopping on Monday and do Meatless Mondays, but this Monday ended up being a crazy busy day with a trip to the pool in the morning, an extra long nap... and resulted in turkey sandwiches and the aforementioned fruit for dinner. I always feel a twinge of guilt on nights I don't make a home-cooked meal, but I was so tired from chasing the boys around at the pool all morning, sandwiches was just what the toddlers ordered.

Taco-ish Tuesday

I took some inspiration from this recipe and gave it a Middle Eastern twist. I took the flank steak, marinated it in curry powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and olive oil. Tomas took them out to the grill to cook them. Instead of pickling the onions, I caramelized them as I made the chimichurri which I made according to the instructions on the recipe. We served it all taco style on naan with grilled sweet potato spears on the side. So yummy and surprisingly only 30 minutes. 


Avocado Pasta Salad | I'm so sad I didn't get pictures of this dish because it was such a huge hit. We had leftovers that some of my friends ended up sharing at Moms Night In over here and everyone (literally everyone) was raving over it and loved it and all asked for the recipe. So I don't have photos for you, but I do have the recipe. Go and make it because it's obviously a huuuge hit. 

I mean, enough of a hit for a bunch of Stay at Home Moms to go bananas over it. 

A friend suggested putting pine nuts in it and I think that would be delicious. And instead of the buttermilk, I actually omitted and thinned the mashed avocado with water and added lemon juice instead. Worked great.


Lemony Cucumber Couscous Salad | We went to a potluck picnic at our neighbor's house so we didn't have to make a full meal, but took this side dish along. It was delicious. And so easy. Seriously - take it to your next potluck. You won't be bringing any back. 

Meatless Friday

To make up for turkey sandwiches on Monday, we had vegetarian pizza on Friday. I put some leftover pesto on our favorite pizza crust (from this book) along with artichokes, a good sprinkling of Italian Seasoning, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses. It was delicious. I threw together a side salad with lettuce from our garden and some other miscellaneous vegetables I had leftover in the fridge. We dined Al Fresco, which is basically the best because it's so much easier to clean with the messy twins, and might have eaten the entire pizza between us. It was that good. 


Cedar Plank Salmon, Grilled Corn on the Cob, Leftover Salad, and Feta+Parmesan Risotto | The salmon was delicious thanks to some Farmers Market cedar planks we grabbed in the morning. And the Risotto flavor was awesome, except I used brown rice and I don't think it ever would have cooked so it was a bit too al dente. I'll work on that one and share if the recipe comes together. Another delicious outdoor dinner. 

As for tonight, we're planning on Breakfast for Dinner. No leftovers to use up and I need something easy before we host for the 4th tomorrow. Although... I'm sure the boys would be fine with more countertop popcorn. 

Happy new week friends! And Happy Fourth of July tomorrow! I hope you have a great time with friends and family, hopefully the day off, and may all your brows stay in tact.