Weekly Eats No. 44

I have a vacation hangover. You know, where you come back from a little getaway feeling like you need a vacation after your vacation? I'm on coffee number 2 already, with no end in sight for me today, a list a mile long, and feeling woefully behind on everything. BUT - we had a most wonderful little getaway for Father's Day this weekend and it was so nice to escape real life for a little bit. A full trip report will be up later this week so be sure to look for that!

Both because of our trip, and so that I could spend time with the hubs on Father's Day, my usual Sunday task of meal planning was left for this morning. I'm sorry for getting this up late, but it's up nonetheless! 

So Meals for this week! Are you ready? There's some tasty stuff going on here!

Meal Planning 44.jpg

(Meatless) Monday: Greek Yogurt Mac n Cheese. I'm working on finding Meatless Monday meals that don't involve loads of carbs and cheese. I promise. But this lighter version of a favorite comfort food makes me feel a little better. Plus, the greek yogurt packs a nice protein punch. I think I'll add some shiitake mushrooms to this just for some added texture and vitamins. 

(Taco) Tuesday: Taco Skillet. I don't always do Taco Tuesday, but there's a suprisingly large variety of ways to serve Tacos, so I never really tire of the theme. I like the idea of this skillet because it's a one-pot meal. I'll leave the beans on the side for the hubs and add some corn in to fill the void. Oh, and I might use some tricolor quinoa instead of the rice because I already have quinoa in the house. Then serve it up family style with some blue corn tortilla chips. 

Wednesday: BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza. We still have pulled pork leftover from last week's slow cooker pulled pork, and I want to use it up. I also already have some pizza dough in the freezer so this should be all of 20 minutes to throw together. I'm still wondering what I might put on the side for a vegetable, though. I imagine inspiration will strike at the grocery store. (P.S., I use the pizza dough recipe from this cookbook, one of my favorite cookbooks of all time!)

Thursday: Slow Cooker Basil Chicken Curry. I just know this is going to be delicious - I can already smell it. And I'm always for a good slow cooker meal. I just put it all together in the morning while I'm making breakfast and it's like I never even had to make dinner. As for the side? Might throw some basmati rice on the side if I remember (as in, I forgot to make the side dish twice last week....)

Friday: Family Date Night! Not sure what we'll do this week. It'll greatly depend on the weather, but I'd love to grab Chipotle and go play at the park. Right now it says it'll be raining, so it might be an indoor date night this week.

Saturday: Our favorite Grilled Chicken Salad. Not going to give too much away, since I'd like to put this one up on the blog in the next couple of weeks. But rest assured, it's worth the wait. 

Sunday: The norm. Leftovers or Breakfast Food. If I have time I might make a big batch of waffles for dinner and freeze the leftovers for breakfast next week. (My favorite waffle recipe is from this cook book. Yes another Pioneer Woman cook book but I can't help it. She just makes such delicious food.)

And with that, I'm off to grab cup number three (to go this time) and run to Trader Joe's. We're out of milk, y'all. I had to give the boys watered down Half & Half this morning with their Cheerios, which we're also now out of. Stop judging me.

Happy Monday! Let's make it a great week!

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