Dressing Up Mom

Psst. This post is brought to you by Pink Blush but all opinions, photos, and gushing are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make Sara Dear possible!

I have a friend (hi Amanda), who every time she sees me wearing a dress, gasps, steps back and says, "You're wearing a dress!" Admittedly, I don't wear them often (at all), so her shock isn't completely unwarranted. But as a mom, dresses seem hard to wear. They can be intimidating as a busy, moving mom of toddler boys. But when I saw this dress on Pink Blush's website, I fell hard in love. And surprisingly, though I'd do about anything to wear it, it's really easy to wear while Momming. And even though I usually just stick to my joggers and boyfriend jeans, I've come up with a couple ways to make wearing dresses as a busy mama easy, and dare I say - enjoyable AND flattering!

Pink Blush Floral Maxi Dress-7.jpg

It really boils down to these few things....

  • Stick to flattering and comfortable silhouettes. Sorry, but bodycon dresses will end up as crop tops while you chase your kid around the park. Stick to something long enough that you can bend to grab your child, and has a comfortable (and flattering!) shape so that you look great and feel comfortable. This maxi dress is perfect because it's not so long that I'm tripping over it but long enough that I can chase my kids without fear of a half moon. I also like the cinch at the waist to give my shape some definition and it's only partially lined in the skirt, making it nice and breezy (read: cool).
  • Don't shy away from shorts. Unless I'm wearing a maxi like this, I'm almost guaranteed to be wearing a pair of yoga shorts underneath. It doesn't change the silhouette, or distract from the dress, but it's way better to have those on than it does for someone to see my underwear if I catch a strong breeze.
  • Layer. And I don't just mean the shorts. In this look, I used a chambray shirt as a layer on top of the dress. Although I do love the simple neckline, I'm just not overly comfortable (or warm) in spaghetti straps, so I used the chambray shirt as a sort of denim jacket (without having to add one to my closet) and it helped keep me covered and comfortable without feeling overexposed.
  • Be confident. I know, as a mom, it can seem almost pointless to get dressed up but it helps my confidence so much just to make a small bit of effort and wear a pretty pattern. A dress really can be easy to wear, and I feel like I actually look girly and pretty while also chasing my kids. 

Oh man I love this dress from Pink Blush. The watercolor print is so pretty and the cut is so flattering and comfortable. And did I mention - and this is a big one - it comes all the way up to 3X, maternity AND maternity plus?! Amazing, right? 

Pink Blush has an amazing variety of Women's, Women's PlusMaternity and Maternity Plus as well so they have something for everyone. Be sure to check out them out, guys! They also have great quality and great customer service, so I know you won't be sorry. 

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Also - a big shout out to my hubs for being my photographer on this one. And for snapping real gems like this...

Happy Tuesday, dears! Don't forget to enter that Instagram giveaway and be sure to check out Pink Blush for all your style needs, maternity or otherwise.