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It's no secret that I love beautiful paper goods. I often find myself perusing the gift wrap section and buying greeting cards for no specific occasion. I love sweet little journals, little notepads to jot things down. You know, the little things.

So when V. Paperie reached out with their brand new product, I basically lost all my cool because OMG y'all, this is like my dream subscription box come true and I know you're going to love it.

V. Paperie is a monthly subscription services that sends you beautifully crafted paper and home goods. September's theme was Focus which we all know I could use a little more of. #scatterbrained #toddlermom #workingmom #whatwerewetalkingaboutagain? Oh yeah...

Anyway. They send you beautiful little goods all centered around a certain theme and color scheme focusing on both a general message and a general mood. In this month's box, I received:

  • An adorable notepad for jotting down lists or messages
  • 2 striped pencils
  • A little magnet reminding me to Focus on the Good
  • A journal reminding me to Focus on What Matters
  •  4 Greeting Cards: Uplift, saying hello, thanks, and Happy Birthday

And goodness was it fun to unbox and find all my goodies.

What I really love about this box is that I know I will actually use the pretty things in the box. Most other subscription services are hit or miss, but this one, I will either use things for myself, or I can keep them in my gift stash to have on hand when an occasion comes up. I always like to keep things around just in case and if I found out tomorrow there was a dinner for a friend's birthday, all I'd have to do is bundle up that notebook, those pencils, and that Happy birthday card. Though to be honest, I really hope nobody has a birthday tomorrow, cause I really like that notebook and pencils. *ahem* 

But I guess I could just gift an entire box. It's like eating your cake and having it to. But you, with awesome journals.

Another reason? It encourages me to stay in touch and be mindful. Those uplifting messages, they really do help when you need a little pick-me-up and there's your fridge magnet telling you to Cheer Up, Charlie. And remember that post I wrote a couple weeks ago about being more mindful in relationships? What better way to motivate yourself to do that, than by having the pretty stationary sent to you each month?

If you want to check out V. Paperie (which let's be honest, you totally do...), then head to their website here. Be sure to use code WELCOME10 for 10% off your first box! And there's going to be a chance to win a FREE month of V. Paperie on Instagram, too, so be sure to check that out this afternoon and enter to win!

Happy Thursday, y'all! I hope you're having a great week! 

This post was created in collaboration with V. Paperie. Thank you so very much for supporting Sara Dear and the brands that make this blog possible.   

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