The Happy Home Challenge

Most common New Year's Resolutions?

1. Get in shape/Eat Healthy (awesome goal, not bashing it. It's a personal one for me, too)

2. Get your home in order. 

And let me tell you - as much effort as I put into my home, I still start the new year with lots of decluttering, and refreshing to do in my home. This year is no exception and as I'm seeing people's resolutions and talking to friends, it seems I'm not alone here. So I thought, hey.. let's band together! And that's when, while sitting on my sofa and reading after New Years, I came up with the Happy Home Challenge. 

Happy Home Challenge.png

Here's the gist...

It's 12 Weeks of 12 focus areas around the house with a little project each week to make your home happier, healthier, and a better space to be in. It ends just in time for Spring to arrive so you'll have something to keep you busy in these cold winter months (because obviously you're not busy enough... ;) ), and it's all things that are free or very cheap and take less than an hour to complete so it's accessible for every single one of you fine folks, and there's no room for excuses. 

The week's theme or area will be announced on Thursdays with a post on Instagram, Facebook, and here on the blog with tips and tricks for each space. Why Thursdays? Because I know lots of you, like me, are weekend warriors and it's much easier to tackle it fresh on your mind on a Saturday morning than it is to remember while also doing the rest of your life. And Thursday gives you time to Amazon Prime what you need by the weekend, if you need anything. #keepingitreal  

SO - be on the lookout on Thursday for week one! There will be lots of information coming your way, video tutorials, blog posts, and more so that we can all whip these homes of ours into shape so that 2018 can be the best evaaa. 

Oh - and PS.. Take photos! I'll remind you of this as we go, but remember to take photos of your completed spaces as we go. There might be a little fun giveaway at the end as a thanks for participating in the Happy Home Challenge! ;)

Happy Homing!