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I don't have time for much. But one thing I do make a priority is my skin. Showering every day? Not so much. And I've been known to let a pedicure last well beyond its prime. But caring for my skin is something I do every day because 1. if I don't, it's very tempermental and 2. it's a little something I can do to #treatmyself every day, even if it's 2-3 minutes in the morning and before I collapse into bed at night. 

And even though sometimes it's as simple as a baby wipe to wipe off my makeup and some moisturizer as I'm already starting to snooze, I do have a few products that I love and use regularly. 

 I use my Clarisonic Mia 2 a few times a week, usually in the shower, just to deep clean my skin. My skin is both oily and sensitive (due mostly to my Rosacea) so I switch between the deep pore cleansing head, usually during my PMS week when my skin is extra oily and broken out, and the sensitive head, the rest of the time.  I've been using my Clarisonic Mia 2 for almost 3 years now and it's made a huge difference in the clarity and brightness of my skin, while still being gentle enough to use pretty frequently. 

I take my makeup off, with either a baby wipe (#momlife) or coconut oil on a cosmetic pad before I use it, and just use a simple cream cleanser (my favs are the ones from YesTo!) and let it run its one minute cycle for my entire face with its handy dandy little timer that keeps me from only working on the left side of my forehead.

It even travels well because it lasts 20-30 uses between charges, so I just throw it in its carrying case and it goes with me every single trip, because goodness knows my skin acts up ten times worse when I'm traveling.

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One of the biggest myths I believed up until a couple years ago was that people with oily skin didn't need to moisturize. But come to find out, my skin only gets oilier if I don't. I recently discovered the Philosophy Hope in a Jar daily moisturizer and use it every single day.It's effective without being heavy, and I can even wear it with full primer and foundation without it making my face feel more cakey or oily. 

As far as night time moisturizer, I use the thickest stuff I can find that will nourish my skin and do repair work while I'm sleeping. I've used and loved the Good Night Night Cream for a while, and now I'm trying out the Burt's Bees Renewal Night Cream and am pleasantly surprised at how well it works for less than $20 a pop.

Needless to say, I take my moisturizers very seriously. And before you go asking about SPF - I make sure that all foundations I use have SPF in them, so my moisturizers can take care of other things while my makeup takes care of the sun exposure. But I do also have this Face Sunscreen that I love and doesn't bother my sensitive skin at all, which is hard to find. 

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I'll be the first to admit that I can almost never pass up a new mask when I'm in Sephora. As I'm walking through the little bins of mini-sized products, I almost always grab a new mask, or 4, or I wander over to my trusty Sephora brand overnight masks and grab a few. I can't help it. There's something so indulgent about a mask, while at the same time feeling like I'm taking good care of my skin, and I don't have to put much effort into them. They're easy to throw on while I'm editing photos or just watching TV with the hubs, so I tend to do a couple a week or more, and it's become my own little 30 minute spa date while clearing off the DVR.

My favorites right now:

Sephora Sleeping Masks (this one, this one, and this one) | These are sort of amazing because there's enough in these little pots to give me 2-3 masks, they're only $4 each, and every time I wear one, I wake up with the best feeling skin ever. Seriously, ever. (And a little hint... if you're looking for good little stocking stuffers this year, just go buy a bunch of these. Hint hint hint, hubs...)

Sephora Charcoal Nose Strip | These are amazingly effective, even moreso than other brands I've tried, and the charcoal actually helps keep my pores from re-filling before I can even put toner on. 

Clay Mask | If my skin is feeling particularly out of sorts, a clay mask always helps a lot. I've been using this one by Clarisonic and it's surprisingly effective while also remaining gentle. 


Because my skin is so sensitive (thanks, Rosacea!), I can't really exfoliate with a scrub or anything without making my skin super irritated. But I get little dry patches sometimes that are giant pains in the bum. I discovered this Peter Thomas Roth enzymatic exfoliator and it literally changed my skin. It's very gentle, but very very effective. I just rub it on, and presto changeo - no more rough patch. And a little bit goes a long way so the bottle I bought 8 months ago is still well over half full. 

So tell me, y'all... what are your favorite skin care products? Do you make it a point to take good care of your skin? Any masks I just have to try? What about the Clarisonic? Do you use one and love it?! Tell me! 

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