September Favs

October at last. One of my most favorite months. 

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While I'm over here basking in pumpkin spice everything and pulling out all the throw blankets and rain boots, there are a couple things I wanted to share that I'm really loving lately, give you a recap of anything you may have missed from September, and as always, finish off with some fun September photos. 


1. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cashmere. I'm a quick 5 minute face type person and my bronzer usually doubles as eye shadow. But this jumbo pencil is the best. I pop a little on the inner corner of my eye and can even blend it out as a highlighter on my cheekbones if I want to. I'm a big fan of adding a little sparkle as the skies get gray, so this is perfect. And so cheap which makes me want all the colors.  

2. Suburbia. We're board game lovers in this house and oh my goodness - I love love love this game. It's a strategy game, but not so competitive that it stresses you out, is accessible for everyone, and you can play it with just 2 people (perfect for at-home date night). So fun, and a good thing to keep in mind for Christmas! They also have about a thousand expansion packs so we're excited to add on to this one! 

3. Damn Delicious's New Cookbook. We all know how much I love Damn Delicious (I use her recipes at least once a week), and her cook book did not disappoint at all. I'm cooking out of it all the time and every recipe has been a huge hit. It now sits with my staple cook books on the counter along with my BHG Cookbook (everyone needs this!), and Pioneer Woman's newest book

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In case you missed anything, here's what happened around these parts in September.

I also posted on Moms Without Answers with a Back to School Chore Chart to get your kids involved around the house. (There's a free printable too!)

I also announced something kind of big - I have officially launched my photography business! I'm booked for Fall sessions every weekend for the next 6 weeks (except one when we're out of town) and I'm so excited, y'all! You can see more on my photography website here.


Easily my favorite part of Monthly Favs - sharing family photos. Some have made it to the blog or Instagram, some haven't. But as much as I love photography, I love it even more when I'm capturing my own family and memories. :) 

Now we're onto Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and the most wonderful time of the year! Weee!