October Favs

Oh heyyyy November! How you doin'? It's officially Holiday season, y'all. I'm putting together plans for Thanksgiving, gift lists, ordering cards.. I'm so excited! But, even though I love what November and December bring, October always has a special place in my heart. So I wanted to celebrate October a little with a few of my favs - items, photos, and a recap of any posts you may have missed over the last month. 


Hunter Short Boots: Confession, I have only been able to wear these all of once because I fell and twisted my ankle so it's been swollen. Womp womp. But! They're super cute, go with everything, and even though they're super utilitarian in the rain, they don't feel like it. The signature green color is one of my favs, and because they're shorter than my other Wellies, they're easy on easy off when we're in and out of the house. 

Sweet + Spicy Tea: I've always been an avid coffee drinker, and still am. But once I discovered this tea a while back, I have been hooked. My afternoon cup of joe has turned into an afternoon cup of tea, and often I'll have one after the boys go to bed. The spices are so bright and warming, especially as it's so cool and gray outside. And there's no sugar or cream in it, which my health appreciates, I'm sure. 

Tartelette in Bloom Eyeshadow Palette: This is a Sephora find that I bought about a month ago and have been using it regularly since. It's got a perfect mix of neutrals and shimmer, heavily pigmented, and the colors are intense but wearable. I reach for it more than any other palette I own. And luckily, the colors actually stay all day long without creasing. 

H&M Basics Kid Clothes: I'm all about buying cute and unique kids items, but I don't have the time or money to buy my twins entire wardrobes off of Etsy. I've been turning to H&M's kids' basics these past couple seasons and I have to say I'm super impressed. They have tons of solids or simple patterns, they're inexpensive, mix & match, and lots from their Conscious line which means they're recycled fibers. And big bonus points - they've been super durable despite how hard my kids are on their clothes. Woop! 


In case you missed any Sara Dear posts in October, which, let's face it, were kind of sparse because life. You can scroll through here and click on any image or title to go read that post.

And don't forget! I was over on Moms Without Answers again this month! Twice, actually. So check out those as well. :) 

Earlier in the month I talked a little bit about the holidays coming up and getting ready for guests before it becomes stressful: (read it here)

And yesterday, I gave you a Step-by-Step guide for cleaning out the toy room from start to finish. (Just in time for Santa's sleigh to come and fill it back up again) (read it here)


And now my favorite photos from the month and I have to say, these were hard to choose. My camera has been in overdrive because between pumpkins, cute kids, and all the photos from new photography business, I'm photographing something basically every day! 

Happy November! I know I'm excited for what's coming! Are you?

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