Moving a Window with Curtains

Our bedroom is tiny. Our bed is huge. I'm not willing to give up our bed, and I can't make the room any bigger. But I can make the best of it. And really, all I need our master bedroom to do is store our clothes, give us a place to rest, and a place to get ready. Whereas our last bedroom was our main hangout spot in the evenings, we mostly gravitate towards the living room in this house, meaning we don't really spend all that much time in our bedroom at all. I mean, we do. We spend all night in there, but you know what I mean.

And to make matters worse, the two big windows in the room are awkwardly placed. If I centered the bed under the window, then the bed was within like 2 feet from the door and there was a big gap on the other side of it making completely unusable space. If I put it on the other wall, under the other window, the closet couldn't open. So, I kind of just had to go rogue, and put the bed where it made sense to me and ignore the windows, which left me with this hot mess.

Okay. That is BAD. That was probably two days after move in. We had no night stands, no order to anything. Life was chaos. The house was worse. But we got some night stands, a box spring, and squared things away... kind of. The bed was still off center and the room looked  unfinished.

Ugh. Guys, symmetry is my JAM, okay? I mean I'm all for asymmetric features in the name of design and visual interest, but this is off. And it bugged me. Luckily, I found a solution.

move a window center a bed with only curtains.png

This is less a post about interior design as it is about magic tricks. Optical illusions are at work there. Thanks to some blackout curtains and an extra wide curtain rod, we were able to make the window look wider, and also create kind of a feature behind the bed at the same time, while also disguising the fact that it was about 15 inches off center.

I first had to position the bed where I wanted it to be. And truthfully, it's not centered with anything. It's just where it ended up feeling right in the room without being too far off from the window. But once I got it there I had about 15 inches to make up for on the right side of the window. Basically, all we did here was center the bed in the curtains, not the window, and make them wide enough on either side to do also cover the window.

We went to IKEA and gathered our supplies. Not only is IKEA my absolute fav for solid colored curtains (which are also crazy cheap BTW), they're also my fav for curtain rods and brackets because they're simply designed and interchangeable. We got enough curtains and hardware for both windows, which ended up being 6 panels total. 4 for the window behind the bed, 2 for the window on the adjacent wall. This is very important - you need blackout curtain panels. Why? Well... because if you don't, your optical illusion isn't really an illusion at all. Blackout curtains won't show the silhouette of the window behind it, regular cotton or polyester panels will. We also picked up all of our hardware to hang them.

And we were set to hang some curtains!

We used the left side of the bed to figure out where the edges of the curtains should go. We wanted the entire outside edge of the window to be covered, so we put it about 2 inches further to the left than the left edge of the window, which worked out to about 8 inches from the edge of the bed. We used the right side of the bed frame to determine the placement on that side, putting it about 8 inches from the right. So before the curtains were hung, it looked kind of crazy...

But then we put our curtains up and AHHH - we have symmetry.

Not only that, but we have curtains, period and it makes the room feel so cozy and much more put together. I've said this before, I'll say it a million times - hang your curtains to the ceiling, as high as you can get 'em! Yes - you have to buy 96" or more in length. But it's worth it! Hang them on the outside of the window. It'll make your windows feel huge and your ceilings feel high. 

Curtains (Not on Ikea's website. Similar to these) | Bed | Duvet | Rug | Nightstands | Lamps

Still lots to do in here, like getting a new duvet to brighten things up, wall hangings, and add my vanity. All in good time.

And just for good measure, he's my dear photo assistant. Something cuter than my bedroom to start your weekend off. 

Have you done any updates to your bedroom lately? DIYed some optical illusions? Tell me!

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