Make Mother's Day Awesome

Let's get real for a minute. Lots of moms feel less than celebrated on Mother's Day. I know... you try your best to make your wife feel celebrated, appreciated, emancipated...from mom duty. But especially for us moms with littles, it's really hard to turn it off and just relax for a while - even if you say "Take your time!" we rush. If you say "Just relax" we sit down and tap our foot wondering when/who/if breakfast is going to get cleaned up. And if you say "Go shopping! Go do something for yourself!" we go to Target, grab a Starbucks, and end up buying clothes for the kids. True story. So it's up to you, Husbands, to make moms feel special. To give them at least one day a year that they might actually feel like they're not just here to change diapers, feed ever-hungry mouths, and like they might actually be human under all that dry shampoo.

And here's the thing - to do it, you don't have to spend even a penny. I briefly contemplated a whole gift guide for mother's day but then I realized what I wanted this year wasn't linkable, nor did it cost any money. So you wanna make mother's day great? Here's How.

Don't Make Her Cook... Unless She Wants To

Some people love to cook. I know I love taking time to make fancy pastries but eclaires just typically don't turn out right when I'm distracted by a toddler hanging off my leg. On the other hand... the squares versus triangles debate is getting a little old. So take meal duty off of her plate. Make a nice reservation, pick up doughnuts, order a pizza, and you deal with cutting up 3 meals into teeny tiny unchokable pieces. And if she feels like cooking, which she might, give her some space. And turn on some music for her. And then act like it's the most delicious thing you've ever eaten.

Let Her Sleep In... For Real This Time

Even if she doesn't actually sleep, a quiet morning in bed with hot coffee (real hot coffee! Not microwaved 4 times hot coffee!) sounds so perfect. Or let her sleep in. Take the kids outside, downstairs where she can't hear, whatever. The worst thing ever is trying to sleep in and instead listening to your kids running out and knocking on the door. Let the woman sleep. She hasn't slept since those babes were conceived. She deserves this one, guys. At the very least, give her some quiet. 

No diapers for her. And don't complain about it.

We all know you smell it too. Change the diaper, don't wait until you're asked. Just change it. 

Let her enjoy the high moments and hand off the lows.

We don't want a day without our kids. Most of us don't anyway. We love spending time with our kids! They're the reason we get to be a mom in the first place! I want to spend time with my family this mother's day. What I don't want is the not-so-great moments. Not on Mothers Day. I can attest to the fact that as a mom of toddlers, my day is a roller coaster of overjoyed giggles and happiness combined with melting into the floor tantrums and everything in between, and it can change in an instant. So do her a favor.... let her enjoy the giggles, the fun, the joy. And when it takes a turn for the worse, or when the hanger rears its ugly head, say "I got this." Then actually get it. 

Let her shower as long as long as she wants to

Shaved legs seem to be a luxury to most moms these days. Forget a long, luxurious, hot shower alone. Even if you're probably going to be late to brunch because she's taking her sweet time, she deserves it and it'll make a bigger difference than you may realize. And while you're giving her a long shower, just keep all her bathroom ventures her own without rushing, and without audience. Peeing without an audience? What's that?

And while we're at it, let her do her hair and her makeup and pick out an entire outfit.

Whatever you do - do NOT go to the store to get her flowers and leave her on kid duty solo.

Really? Sorry... I know you mean well... but really? Take the kids. Let them pick something out for her while you're there. Something to do while she sleeps in/showers perhaps? I know this is technically spending money... but $5 flowers never hurt anybody. 

Say thank you.

This whole motherhood thing is a thankless, exhausting (albeit wonderful) gig. It doesn't take any money to go up to her and with complete sincerity, tell her thank you. Tell her she's doing a damn good job (because she is). Tell her she's a great mom, that those kids are lucky to have her, and Happy Mother's Day.

Then do the dishes for her while she takes a nap.


Happy Mother's Day to you, dear mothers. I hope your day is filled with joy, appreciation, and as long a shower as your water heater can manage. And to the husbands that made us moms, thanks for making us moms, and thanks for making us feel extra special on Mother's Day.

<3 <3 <3