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So, I think I'll be moving away from once-monthly favorites posts. And it's not because I don't enjoy doing them, it's just that sometimes I have a lot to share and sometimes I'm literally over here grasping at straws trying to figure out what I bought and loved in any given month. So by taking the time constraint off, I can more organically share things here. Maybe they'll be twice a month some months, sometimes they may skip a month or two. And that's okay with me. 

So without further ado - here are some (aka a LOT) of things I'm really loving right now. 

1. Clarisonic Luxe Head

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Oh my goodness. I always loved cashmere sweaters. I mean, who doesn't? But this is literally cashmere for your face and oh my goodness. Y'all, I think this is what Kate Middleton must feel like every time she washes her face - it's just so perfect and luxurious. Before long, I'll be stepping out of the shower asking y'all to bow down to me and buying new Clarisonic heads wearing one of those ridiculous hats the British royals wear. I could use this thing 8 times a day and it wouldn't bother my Rosacea, so I'm really happy with the purchase. Honorable mention goes to this Ole Henriksen foaming face wash that smells like sunshine and cuts through even Kat Von D eyeliner.

Click here for the Clarisonic Brush Head | Here for the Ole Henricksen Face Wash

2. Tassel Key Chain

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I'm not sure if I like this so much because it's awesome (it is) or because my husband despises it and refuses to carry that set of car keys around. I don't know... either way, I can now actually find my keys in my purse. Plus it has a handy little secret - it comes with a lightning cable so it's one less thing to have to find in the deep messy pit that is my bag.

Click Here for the Keychain

3. Little Brown Peg Dolls

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Okay so these are made by my friend Ashley and I have been OBSESSED ever since she came out with them. I mean, the boys love to play with them, too so don't judge me too harshly. But if we're being honest, I was pretty excited to order the Star Wars set and might maybe possibly be ordering a Harry Potter set soon. They're just so cute and every time she comes out with a new character set, I die.

Click Here to check out Little Brown Pegs

4. Pretty Happy

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Three words: Buy this book. Read it. Do the work it tells you to do and I guarantee you'll be thinking about your body differently. I'm a big fan of Kate Hudson anyway, but this book is such a fresh take on life and balance, weight, body management, control, and thinking about how to eat and live with your best interest in mind. I have convinced so many of my personal friends and family to buy it already, I probably should make you jump on this bandwagon with me. (and for the record I am verrrrrrry rarely into self-help. But this one has me doing all the heart eye emojis)

Click Here to Order Your own Copy of Pretty Happy

5. Songs to Sing in the Shower

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This Spotify playlist is followed by more people than there are in the state of Montana so chances are I'm really late to this party. But if by chance, you're not following this playlist, do it. It's the best playlist to clean to, get yourself pumped for the day, and play in the car. My kids love it, and everyone needs some Whitney Houston while sauteeing onions for dinner. 

Click Here to Listen/Have Dance Parties with me

6. Serger

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I have yet to name my serger that I got for Christmas. But ermahgerd, guys. ERMAH-FREAKING-GERD. If you sew, and especially if you sew clothes, how in the world have you lived without one of these? How did I? The edges are now so clean and finished and I sewed a pair of pants in like 5 minutes. Not joking. I'm obsessed and I am so thankful to my sweetest hubby for putting it under the tree this year.

Click Here to Order Your Own Serger!

And that's all I have for you today. I hope you're having a really really ridiculously good Thursday and we'll talk to you soon! xo

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