2 Days in Long Beach, Washington

We really love Washington. It's absolutely beautiful, the weather is wonderful, and we're surrounded by water. Not just the lakes everywhere and the Puget Sound nearby, but also the Ocean which is only a few short hours in the car away. (As opposed to a few hour plane ride away as it was before). But after 6 months of living here, we hadn't been to the ocean yet, and the boys hadn't been to the ocean ever. So on a whim I thought it would be nice to celebrate Tomas and Father's Day with a short jaunt to the beach and went to a little ocean town down in the southwestern corner of Washington - Long Beach. 

The drive for us is about 3-4 hours (unless you get stuck in traffic in Tacoma on the way back. Ugh) which was really doable with the boys. We hit a pretty good storm on the way in, but it was a beautiful drive nonetheless.

Long Beach is this tiny little town of 1300 people near the border of Washington and Oregon. It's a fun little beach spot that feels like corporate America just fluttered right past it. It's all locally owned shops, stores, and restaurants which was refreshing, but meant we had some trial and error in finding things like sunscreen (because I forgot to pack it, oops), good food spots, and coffee. 

We ended up staying at the Best Western which is just about a half-mile walk from the beach and newly renovated. They allowed us to have the dog, which was nice, and our room was plenty big for the whole 12ish hours we spent in it. 

Tomas and I both think that if we make it back to Long Beach, it would be fun to 1. be there for longer than a day and a half and 2. rent a beach-front bungalo to stay in and just kind of live on the beach for the week. The beach in Long Beach is absolutely gorgeous, and we both love the idea of a vacation where we just have picnics and chill for a few days. 

The dining options were kind of limited (small town, makes sense) but we managed to find some good grub. Our options were even more limited because we took the dog with us, but lots of places offered to-go options.

We stopped by Captain Bob's Chowder when we got into town and not only was the fish + chips delicious, they were super accommodating when my short-napped toddler started having the meltdown of the century. 

We had Father's Day breakfast (to-go) from Benson's by the Beach which was really tasty. Three words, y'all: Crab. Eggs. Benedict.

We got to have seafood a few times, which has calmed my fresh crab cravings for a bit, and some mediocre pizza. But I mean... we did get to eat said pizza with our toes in the sand so I'm not complaining. 

And the rest of the time, we just hung out at the beach. We played, and walked, explored... just had a good time. It was something like 15 miles of walking in a short weekend just going around town. But we parked the car when we got there and didn't get back in it until we left, rain and shine. 

The boys LOVED the beach. Jude found a big black rock that he made his pet rock all Sunday morning and would carry it around it and show it all the new things he discovered. "Ook Rock. Da O-shun! Ook Rock. Sand!" And Wyatt loved the open space to just roam. And tide pools might be their new favorite thing ever.

And although it was a whirlwind of a trip, we're so glad we went. Even if just for a couple days we got to escape real life, eat yummy food, and just have some much needed family time. 

If you're looking for a nice place for a beach trip, we really would recommend Long Beach. It's not the most touristy of towns, but the beach is beautiful (albeit a bit chilly.. but that's the PNW for ya!) and it's really a lovely place to make some memories.