Keeping the Puppy Active with Purina Beyond

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You might have seen my last post about bringing puppy home, and my thoughts in the things you should consider before doing so. We, of course, thought through all of those things and of course brought Gatsby home and we're, of course, obsessed with his fluffy self. But like I said, it doesn't come without its challenges. Gatsby is a giant breed and he eats a lot, needs a fair amount of exercise, and time. So today, I've partnered with Purina Beyond Dry Dog Food at Kroger to share how we keep Gatsby active and healthy with the right food, the right activity, and while having fun doing it.
First thing's first - let's talk about food. Of which Gatsby eats a ton. He's a 95 lb puppy for goodness' sake! To make sure we keep his quickly growing self well fed with good nutrition, we always make sure we're feeding him a high quality food. Purina Beyond is full of real meat as the first ingredient, no corn, wheat, or soy, no poultry by-product meal (ew), no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Every bag is full of only safely sourced ingredients backed by pet nutritionists. Best part? You can find it at your local Fred Meyer so you can pick it up while you're doing your weekly grocery shopping. During the month of April, shoppers will be able to grab an exclusive digital coupon for #3 off any Purina Beyond dry dog food online, just click here. 

And while Gatsby is considered a low-energy breed, it doesn't mean he's a fluffy carpet. It's really important, especially for giant breeds to keep moving and keep active. I mean - the same goes for us humans right? But we have twins, I own a business, hubs works full time - it's not always easy to work that time in every day for a long walk. But there are a few "hacks" we've come up with to make it easier:

Feb17 Snow Day-20.jpg
  • Assign days. Some days it's my job to make sure he gets a walk, others it's my hubs. That way we can make sure he's always walked but it's not on one person's shoulders to carve out the time.
  • We do family walks. Our boys love going on walks along trails with Gatsby so it's fun to do it all together. I've been known, too, to strap his leash to the stroller and walk with all three of them at once.
  • It doesn't have to be walking. Some days we play fetch (he plays soccer more than fetch, really), or he hangs outside with us while we do yard work. He likes to chase the boys around while they ride bikes or play in their little cars. After an hour of chasing, and switching between kids, he is tired (and so am I). 
  • Build it into the schedule. On days that it's my day to make sure Gatsby walks, I put it into my schedule. I make sure we get out to the park to walk him, I'll block out time after my hubs gets home from work to take him, or sometimes it's a matter of getting up early or going after bedtime but I intentionally write it down and think of it as an appointment. 
  • Change up location. I'll admit - dog walking around the same trail or park day in and day out can get a little boring. I change up parks a lot, change up our route, or sometimes go to a completely different setting. An outdoor mall or downtown area is just as good for a walk, and I like that it gives him a chance to work on meeting new people there too. 
Sara Morris Head Shot-1.jpg

All in all I think it's just important to make your dog's health a lifestyle for him/her. Staying active and feeding real, quality, nutritious food like Purina Beyond is so so important to make sure they're happy and healthy for a long time. 

Now go take your dog on a walk, maybe to your local Fred Meyer (or Kroger if that's where you are), and grab a bag of Purina Beyond. Gatsby sure likes it. And don't forget your coupon and to #RememberBeyond!