June 2016 Favs

Psst. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own and all products mentioned are ones I bought myself, loved, and I'm sharing them with you now. To see my full disclosures on that kind of stuff, click here.

Happy July, y'all! This summer seems to be fleeting faster than even last summer! I saw a back to school ad in Target the other day and winced. Too soon. Too soon. We have too much sunshine to soak up still. 

But alas, June has passed. So here are things I loved in June, posts you may have missed, and some favorite family photos as well.

1. Sans makeup, I basically look like a tomato with bags under my eyes. So more like a bruised tomato. #NaturalBeauty #LaughItsaJoke I have Rosacea on the majority of my face, very sensitive + oily skin, and the heat just adds into the recipe making for one not-so-glamorous look for the day. And honestly, I don't wear makeup super often because this is my face and I'm fine with it, and so are my kids and husband who are the only ones who see it most days. But one day, as I was strolling through Target, having already gotten the one thing I needed and eight things I didn't, I saw this little green box from NYX. I've been wanting to try a green color corrector and it was cheap, like $14, so I figured, why not. Roll those dice. Make that bet. If I hate it, I'll return it. But I didn't hate it. I actually loved it. The NYX CC Cream was actually the perfect light coverage for summer and it wears really well throughout the day without oxidizing too much and it's become a warm-weather makeup staple for me. 

2. I recently decided I wanted to make the switch to a natural deodorant. It can't hurt to eliminate some chemicals from my routine, right? But I was worried that "all natural" was going to mean basically "au naturale" which basically means "B.O." Not cute. But I grabbed a bottle of this Honest deodorant in my last shipment and it's surprisingly effective. I mean, I'm no Olympian (unless you count drinking coffee, then I win the gold) but it's kept the stank away pretty well, even on days I'm basking in the sunshine and glimmering with sweat - AKA running red-faced around a park, chasing after toddlers going in opposite directions, as I try to hold a half-decent conversation with another mom, while holding up my pants that don't fit well and are falling off of me (WHY DID I FEEL THE NEED TO WEAR JEANS) as sweat drips down my forehead smudging my 5-minute face. Bottom line - It actually works. It smells really great. And it's a little safer for me and the environment. Win? Win.

3. I like nice sheets. I mean, we spend a third of our lives on sheets, we might as well have nice ones, but there was a long time when I spent basically another third of my life just trying to figure out which side of the fitted sheet was the top and which was the side. And it sent me into a rage every single time. That is, until I discovered these Threshold sheets from Target. Not only are they soft, but they're really affordable, durable, and they have handy little tags that take the guesswork out of changing the fitted sheets. Can I get a HALLELUJAH?! 

I recently bought another set after one of our sets being lost in the move, and I didn't even question what I was going to buy. I went to Target (surprised? Act Surprised.) and picked up another set in cream, because ain't nobody got time for wrestling a king-size fitted sheet for (what feels like) 4 hours every Thursday.

4. My go-to housewarming gift to my friends and family, and myself, is always a custom address stamp. It's the perfect gift that works for everyone, is personalized for each person, and way more functional than a porcelain chicken for their kitchen shelf. Though I did buy one of those one time as a joke for some dear friends. I wonder how he's doing. And while I don't send a ton of mail, I don't feel like writing our address out 100 times during Christmas card season, so I picked one up from Stamp Yo Face! on Etsy. Not only do I LOVE the design, but they were really fast, really responsive and communicative, and I'm really happy with the quality of the product. I know I've just found my go-to shop for my gifting now. Plus they make custom stamps of your face, too. I don't know why I would ever need that. But I kind of feel like I do? I mean it's like having a painting of yourself commissioned. Except you get to stamp it all over everything.

5. Confession? I'm not a big fan of fitness trackers. Aesthetically, I mean. They're really great for keeping track of your overall health, but a black silicone wristband doesn't exactly feel chic. I mean, neither do my daily yoga pants... but hear me out. That's partly why, when I discovered the Bellabeat LEAF, that I was SO excited. When I wear it, people usually just think it's a piece of jewelry, because it kind of is. I can wear the LEAF clipped on my clothes, as a necklace, or as a bracelet and it tracks my steps, my sleep, other activity, my monthly cycles, and even does guided meditation. Because when I do it on my own, I end up making a grocery list in my head. Twenty minutes of, "Milk, OM, String Cheese, OM, Crackers, OM." I've had great experience with their customer service as well which goes a long way with me, and I couldn't be happier with the product. Also, it comes in Rose Gold, so that basically had me waving around yelling "TAKE MY MONEY!" I wish I was joking.

And, now, a few (as ton) favorite photos from June. <3

If you missed any posts from June, be sure to scroll through this bar and catch up. There's some riveting food photos in there you won't want to miss. ;)

And P.S. This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but I lost a fight to my computer and this entire post in the process. That's what I get for procrastinating/having Lightroom open/ doing anything with technology. SO - I'm going to try to get a quick post up later if I can so check back. :)