Whew. I know I say this every month, but I really mean it when I say this month snuck up on me. I keep thinking June 15th was last week, but here we are, almost into Fall and Back to School and all that jazz. But not just yet - I'll be soaking up the sunshine a little bit longer before I settle into sweaters and pumpkin things. Today, I'm sharing some favorite things from July, posts you may have missed, and photos we took. 

Including this one, from 4th of July, which I just love love love. Oh, sweet Jude, never grow up my love.

July Favs

1. Rockland Luggage Set - I have gone through my fair share of luggage and it always seems like after a few uses, they're already showing their wear and tear and need to be replaced within a year. We finally upgraded to this set a while back and even though we've only had them for a few months, and used them for a few trips, I can already tell they're up for the challenge. The white is more easily recognizable in the baggage claim, the four wheels make cruising through the airport a cinch, and it's divided into two separate compartments so organizing isn't so hard. So if you're planning a trip soon and need new luggage, check these out. 

2. Harvest Season - some things in our garden this year have been a little iffy. Others though, like the herbs, are doing amazingly and we've gotten tons and tons from it. I'm so excited to dry some and have fun with them. I'm thinking lots of things for around the house to get us through the winter and some Christmas present DIYs are in order. I'm really loving this DIY lavender rosemary bath salt idea and can't wait to try making our own tea!

But while they're still fresh, I'm thinking some herbacious summer cocktails should be making their way onto the menu. I currently have my eye on this Plum & Thyme Prosecco Smash, these Strawberry Kiwi Frozen Mojitos, and for the piece de resistence - these Peach Lavender Bellinis. Mmmm. 


2. YSL Tint-in-Oil (Love Me Nude) - I am perhaps the pickiest human on the planet when it comes to lip color. It can't be too orange or too purple, it can't feel dry, it can't wear off after an hour, it has to cooperate with my sensitive skin... you get the point. But this Tint In Oil is the bomb dot com. It's a gloss that's not a gloss. It's an oil. I'm usually not a big fan of glosses but this is the perfect amount of sheet color for day-to-day wear, it's moisturizing, lasts forever, non-sticky... basically it's amazing. It's lived in my bag from the moment I bought it and I use it basically every day.

4. Our double jogging stroller. It was hard to pull the trigger on a jogging stroller when our boys were already 2 years old, but even in the couple of months we've owned it, it's proven its worth. While it's not the most ideal shape or size for indoor things like shopping, it's amazing for outdoor walks, hikes, and trekking across parks. It pushes so, so smoothly, and both boys seem to be infinitely more comfortable in it. They like being side by side so they can still interact and because the seats recline so far, sometimes I can even get a stroller nap out of them which is heaven. 


5. Sweet cream at Starbucks. I'm not a fan of super sweet coffee, but if I don't put a little something in in my cuppa, it can give me heart burn (thanks, pregnancy), and after trying the Vanilla Sweet Cream at Starbucks, I'm obsessed. A little goes a long way, and it's so light and refreshing while still feeling indulgent enough to justify a $3-4 cup of coffee. I see what you did there Starbucks.

In Case You Missed It

And don't forget my Moms Without Answers post this month with my very favorite tips for keeping your Mom-mobile clean (enough!)

Fav Photos

And that was our July. I can't believe we're almost closing the books on Summer 2016! I'm at the point where the heat can take a hike, but I'm not quite ready for the cold yet, either. Oh well, might as well enjoy what I have while I've got it.

Happy August! xoxo