Two and a Half

2 1/2 years old always seemed so old to me. FIL fledged toddlers, almost big kids, and definitely not babies anymore. But here they are - my babies at 2.5. And they'll always be my babies. But at the same time, they're growing up so much. And since I haven't updated on these crazy kids lately, I thought I'd do that, and share some pictures from a romp at the park a couple weeks ago. Goodness knows if I don't write it down, I'll forget some of these sweet things and I would hate to do that. 

Jude just throws himself into everything. Every task, every emotion... every meal... when he's happy, the whole world is brighter. When he's not, my goodness is it a struggle for everyone. He learns new words every day and sometimes he comes to me and tells me about things I didn't even know he learned. My favorite things right now are when he asks for something and says "prey prease" (pretty please) and thanks us with a "tank you much." His facial expressions are killer, and his side eye is on point. He's talk, he's stalky, he's incredibly strong, and his hair always looks like bed head, no matter what we do. He loves to dress up, play pretend, sing songs, especially the ABCs which usually go something like "A B C 5 Blue Elmoenopeeep." He chases around the dog to pet him and hug him, and loves holding hands everywhere we go, including to lead me to the panty... you know, just in case I was planning on grabbing him a snack. His favorite activity as of late is drawing. He can draw circles like a pro, has attempted a few people or objects, and actually holds a pencil correctly.

Wyatt is a busy bee. My goodness. That kid plays hard, loves hard, runs around endlessly, sleeps hard, then when he's up he shoots out of bed and tries to climb the first thing he can find... which is usually the kitchen counter to get himself a banana. He's not quite to the same speaking level as Jude which has been a challenge for us, but when he does speak, he wants to talk so fast that he fills the gaps with straight gibberish. But he does have a lot of words, including pease, gank-yew, yel-gum, and uh-kay uh-kay uh-kay. He loves anything with wheels, anything, and loves to tell you any sound any animal makes. He can turn on the XBOX and TV by himself, then turn on Netflix and Chuggington, all before I've made myself coffee and am willing to speak. He's gotten really great at dressing and undressing himself, loves bath time, and dancing to any music he hears. He's head strong (and physically strong), usually more quiet than Jude, but gives the biggest hugs and kisses. He loves his family and friends, and loves to explore anything and anywhere. He's super smart, and his brain is always working. He loves puzzles, books, and taking things apart so he can put them back together again.

As for Tomas and I - we both just love these kids so much. They're so fun to talk to and play with, and we feel really settled into being parents and having kids. I know that seems silly - I mean we found out almost exactly 3 years ago we'd be parents, but you never really know until they're here and it takes time to adjust to the Mom&Dad life. We have had lots of change in our life since the boys came into it, and it's really amazing how whole they make our lives and how much they've taught us. We're so stinking excited about the holidays over here, too. The boys are going to love it and I know they'll love decorations, crafts, cookies, all of it. The older they get, the more I love each new stage, and them. <3

Happy Friday! xoxo