High End Storage You Can Take With You!

By now I think you're getting the impression that our bedroom is the size of Harry Potter's closet under the stairs. And let me clarify - it is small, but it's still very usable and I'm actually growing to like that it doesn't allow me to hoard stuff. However, we have had to get creative with some things mostly because the en suite bathroom is also small and offers very little storage. Luckily, we have an entire wall of closets in this room that offer plenty of space. The problem - we have a lot to fit in here. Not just our clothes and shoes, but this is prime real estate for extra towels, sheets, miscellaneous beauty supplies I use less-frequently. We also don't have room for a dresser in here, so anything that we fold goes in this closet. And it was proving that one hanging rod and shelf all the way across the closet just wasn't cutting it...

The mess. The clutter. The horror. 

I was beyond frustrated. I tried to keep it tidy but it seemed impossible. I dreamed of beautifully organized closets with drawers and racks and shelves and a place for everything I have, and everything I have to be in its place. Like the Elfa closets so beautifully holding everything in place, leaving no item homeless and a whole space perfectly arranged. Ahhh. But then I snapped back to reality. We're renting, remember? We can't have Elfa! Remember?! Oh, right.

Actually, WRONG. So wrong. See, I read the Elfa catalog every year cover to cover, as if it's an issue of Vogue or something. I mean, it is my Vogue. It's basically the magazine of my people. And Elfa has this handy dandy freestanding system, that requires no installation into the wall whatsoever. And thus the closet of my dreams was born. 

how to organize a shared closet renting.png

I went into the Container Store during their annual Elfa sale with a few of my favorite looks from the catalog in mind. I needed this closet to store all of our clothes, my large (and expanding) shoe collection, out-of-season clothes, miscellaneous bathroom stuff, an extra set of towels, an extra set of sheets... the list goes on. But I knew this closet could do it. It's over 10 feet wide, y'all! That's plenty of space. 

After lots of planning with the Elfa consultant at The Container Store (which I highly recommend to make sure you get everything you need!) and some longer than expected installation (so many boxes. SO MANY), we now have a closet that looks like this. 

Did the angels just chorus with that photo? Just me? Cause look at it. I mean, yes, the functionality went up by about 1 kajillabillion percent, but it also just looks so puuurty. And in an effort to let it speak for itself, I'm basically just going to photobomb the remainder of this post with detail shots so you have a better idea of how things are organized in this closet of ours. I'm not joking about the photo bombing. Get comfy.

The very best part? It's not damaging anything, at all. We did have to take the rod that was there down, but we'll just put it back up when we move and take this beauty with us. It can always be installed in another house or reconfigured. That's the whole reason we were comfortable investing in something like this. It's an investment we can take with us wherever we end up forever. Elfa's quality really can't be matched in the realm of modular closet organizers, and this stuff isn't cheap - but the fact that I really feel like it'll last us a lifetime makes it a lot easier to pull the trigger and know we're spending good money. 

I mean look at all the shoes I can store!

It's to the point that I feel like it's a shame to close the closet doors. I mean sure they hide all of our stuff, but when it looks that clean, is that really a good thing? I don't know. I will say that I think pairing down to a capsule wardrobe made a huge difference for me. As we were loading it back up, I purged over a third of my wardrobe, maybe more. And I don't miss any of it. As even more bonus points - putting laundry away in this system is the easiest thing in the world. 

So tell me - have you invested in quality storage? Are you glad you did? How about investing in big pieces while renting that you could take to your forever home? I can't believe this storage isn't attached to anything! It's SO sturdy, but completely freestanding. Amazing. 

P.S. If you're interested in your own Elfa system, visit a Container Store near you or visit their website here. This post isn't sponsored at all by Elfa or The Container Store. I'm pretty positive they have zero clues who I even am. Everything I'm sharing here is my own unpaid gushing love for organization. :D 

P.P.S. I didn't link anything shown in this post, simply to keep it from getting crazy. I show a lot of products here. If you have questions about anything at all, feel free to ask and I'm happy to share!

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