Hello sweet reader friends! Happy New Year! We survived 2016 (can you believe it?!). We celebrated the heck out of the holidays and rang in the New Year with some of our favorite people and really enjoyed the season. But now it's 2017, hubs is back at work, life is going on, I've got a new Bullet Journal and it's time to focus. 

Actually, I think that might be my word of the year. Focus. If you remember (it's okay if you don't), my word of 2016 was Joy. Focusing on finding joy and enjoying our lives and I really think we made big strides in the joy department. And now that I think we're pretty much in the habit of enjoying ourselves, I'd like to turn my focus to, well... focus. The thing is, we've got a lot going on. I mean - you get it, you do too. Kids, blog, a photography business, dogs (a puppy!), a marriage, a home, health to maintain... and it's only Tuesday. And while I thoroughly enjoy these things and love dedicating time to them, I don't know that I'm managing my life very well. In the past few months I've found myself distracted... starting a work email, then moving onto a play date after starting a load of laundry, playing with the dog, scheduling a photo shoot, feeding the kids, somewhere in there feeding myself and coming back to my phone 3 hours later only to realize I never finished that email, or the laundry, or the dishes from lunch. Simply put - I'm scatterbrained.

In comes Focus for 2017. Focus in lots of areas, so that I can be more mindful of my time, more productive, more present, and hopefully less tired and less stressed out.

  • On my Kids - I constantly find myself distracted with my kids. Between social media, housework, this and that on my to-do list, I haven't been so good about giving my children undivided time and attention. Focus on the kids - everything else can wait for a couple hours.
  • At work - I get blog post ideas 80 times a day, ideas for photography and client building, thoughts about projects. I sometimes write them down, but rarely do them. I sit down to write a blog post and get distracted by Facebook instead. I'm still working on finding a better workflow, but I love this blog. I love writing and photographing and sharing. I should focus on those whys, and allot the time to do it and just do it!
  • In my Marriage - That list up there? All those things I'm doing? That's just my list. Add Tomas's list, and we're kind of grasping at straws when it comes to our marriage lately. Constantly putting time for us off, because "life." For Christmas this year, my big gift to Tomas was a year of date nights (something I'll blog about later this year but they're all still surprises to him!). 12 Months, 12 Date Nights that are out of the house, without kids, and time to reconnect. Combine that with a dedication to Friday Night Hubs + Wife time and I think we'll return some of our focus back to our marriage and kindling our relationship. We can never be too busy for our marriage, so we have to make time.
  • On Myself - I'll admit to some overindulgence in the kitchen these past couple of months, and some underindulgence in self-care. (Time to take my own advice I guess...) I think by focusing on myself, on what I need to feel better, do better, be better, I'm giving myself a leg up in every other thing I listed above. So I started a Whole 30 yesterday (oy...), signed up for a weekly fitness class, have about 30 face masks waiting to be used, bought some bath bombs, and I'm starting to work on a pretty long book list. 

I think where I lack most is distractability (darn you smart phone!), tiredness (working on it!), and saying no. That last one, a big one. I tend to forget that I have tomorrow and try to shove too many things into today, which leaves me frazzled. So, let's all agree that there will be no more of that.

A couple other things I'd like to incoorporate into my 2017 -

- Fitness. I know this is pretty typical for everyone come January, but I'm not just talking about getting swole. Far from it. I want to find my thing. I've never had a good fitness routine down, and I've never found a fitness regimen I could stick to. So not just fitness, but finding my fitness routine and making it work in my day-to-day life.

-  Time Blocking. I actually dove into time blocking today and it's like suddenly a light has gone off in my life. I use my Bullet Journal to section out times of my day for different things which makes it easier for me to focus on the task at hand, knowing I've allotted time for other things later. And it motivates me knowing I only have a certain window to get things done. I'm trying to be realistic with my to-do list, and make sure I also block time for me time, Jude and Wyatt time, along with everything else.

- Letter Writing. Something I love to do but rarely do as often as I'd like. I'm trying to send out birthday cards more, letters just to say hey, and happy mail. I know I love to receive happy mail so I should be sending it out more often.

- Health. I'm sad to admit to putting my health on the backburner in 2016. I need to go to the doctor something fierce for an old (and new) foot injury, as well as Diabetes... I could use a Dentist appointment and an eye exam. It seems like a burden, but health is not a burden. Health is a privilege that I should be working hard to maintain. 

And I think that's it. I'm pretty sure that's all I've got to share with the class today, plus I'm running out of blogging time because next is ME time! (Whoa, Nelly. What a concept, huh? ;) )

I hope you and yours had a most fantastic, awesome, amazing, jubilant holiday season. I enjoyed a break from my internet bump and grind for a while, but I'm more excited than ever to be back and I'm so glad we're all here together. So tell me - what's your word of the year? Any New Years resolutions? Anyone else trying to focus in 2017?