The Family at Pike Place Market

In true Seattle fashion, and to celebrate coming up on one year in our new home, we went to Pike Place Market with one our favorite photographers, Ashley Vos, to take some photos. She captured our family so well, and I love the story of she told of us touring the market, one of our very favorite spots in Seattle. 

And since it's Thursday, and not quite Friday, and goodness knows the week after a holiday drags, I'll keep it word-light and photo heavy. Like a picture book, but with my face. :) 

That hugging photo? Deeeeeeeefinitely bribed the kids with doughnuts. But it's a memory I'll cherish forever and the carb coma was worth it.

We ordered our Christmas cards through Minted this year, and I cannot tell you how happy I am with them. They were super fast, the quality is amazing, we were able to order them on recycled card stock (really important for us!), and the design is perfect.  

We left just enough room on the back (under that prized bribed photo) to write a hand written message to every one of our loved ones, which I always love to receive and decided to do myself this year, 

I'm so, so, so in love with these photos (and the people in them), the cards, and these memories. Special huge ginormous thanks to Ashley Vos Photography for her talent, patience, and doughnuts. <3 

And happy Thursday sweet friends. xoxo

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