Fall 2016: Plans + Photos

It's the first day of Fall, y'all! Woo! Everyone knows how much I love me some Autumn and the PNW has some beautiful Fall weather right now! So beautiful, that last weekend I decided to take my camera, take my hubs, and go take some photos in the back yard to capture the changing season, as it changes into one of my favorite times of the year! 

And not just the falling leaves, but the things we get to do as a family. The boys are finally at an age where they're really noticing their environment and the changes and their language skills are off the charts so we're so excited to do some quintessentially Fall activities with them as well as work on making some new memories and new traditions as our little family. 

1. Fall Festival. We try to attend one of these every year and this year we've found one with a petting zoo, tractor rides, and pumpkins galore. We're so excited to take the boys for a morning of Fall-filled fun and I'm thinking it'll be great photo opportunities. And if we have time, I'm hoping to make it to do some Apple picking, a Fall winery tour, and go to Pike's Place and the water to enjoy autumn and the crisp water air. 

2. Family Photos. We've chosen a photographer that not only takes wonderful photos, but does them with a seriously cool PNW vibe. Our first family photo shoot in our new home will be perfect to represent this season in our lives and I'm so excited to get them and share them with you!

3. Halloween. We're not sure what we're going to be for Halloween, but we're definitely going to do something as a family. It's going to be so fun to dress up, hopefully do a few things as a family, and maybe even an adults only thing where I don't have to man how much candy the kids are consuming while also trying to socialize.

920 September Fall-13.jpg

4. Hikes with the hubs. For a very long time, Tomas was so anti-hike, but he finally seems okay with the idea. I'm hoping we can do a couple with the boys, but maybe drop the boys with friends or our sitter a couple mornings before it gets too cold and go for a beautiful morning hike followed by a beautiful stack of pancakes.

5. Baking. Tis the season for baking in this house. Pretty much every other day or so, I'm working on a batch of pumpkin bread, a pie, or making casseroles for dinner. It's lovely to be able to turn the oven on again and I love to make baked goods and send them off as special mid-week treats for neighbors and friends. 

6. Our best friends' wedding! It just so happens that Tomas's best friend and my best friend are getting hitched, and they also happen to be our boys' god-parents. So Tomas is the Best Man, I'm the Matron of Honor, and the boys are going to be ring bearers in their wedding this Fall. We are over the moon excited for the big day, to celebrate our friends, and contribute to this amazing day. It's going to be a beautiful event and it'll be one of the highlights of the year!

7. Football Sundays. There's just something about Football that makes a house feel like home to me. It was always on every weekend as I was growing up, so we've made it a tradition to play the games, make some warm comfort food and spend time with good people. We love to have people over to hang on the sofa, drink some beer, and yell at the TV together. 

8. Fall Decorating. I'm usually well decorated by now but I've been so busy and so not in a hurry, which is actually a nice thing. Slowly but surely, the pumpkins are making their way into the house (and onto the porch), cozy blankets are everywhere, and I've got all the candles lit. It's the best, just the best.

9. Puppy! Yep! We're adding to the Morris family with a new furry kid. Our Saint Bernard, Gatsby, was born last week and we get to bring him home just in time for the holidays! We're so excited and I'm sure I'll be spamming social media and the blog with puppy photos galore.

920 September Fall-20.jpg

10. Holidays! And thank goodness for Holidays! I love everything from Halloween to Thanksgiving and ESPECIALLY Christmas. This is the start to my favorite time of year and it causes me to sit back, enjoy the family, make memories, give to our friends and family, and just celebrate. I'm so excited for the boys to experience Holidays this year too. It's going to be simply magical. 

And because there were way more photos than I put above... here's a big dump of Fall-ness and some of me and Tomas, because why not? :) 

Happy Thursday, y'all! 


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