Easy DIY Shave Oil

I've been trying really hard to minimize my beauty products and the ingredients in them lately. Luckily there are tons of companies offering more simplified products that are still high quality, but I've also realized that a lot of things I can make myself. Including things like shave oil. 

DIY Shave Oil jpeg.jpg

It was kind of a light bulb moment when I was about to add to cart a $12 bottle of shave oil, and I was looking at the ingredients and realized I have all of those sitting in my bathroom already. It was literally just a mix of high quality base oil with some essential oils, in a pump bottle. So I deleted from cart, went to the kitchen, and here we are now.

You'll Need:

1. Pump Bottle. This is a leftover one I had from other cosmetics. So I just removed the label to re-purpose it.

2. Fractionated Coconut Oil. I keep this around for lots of things, including removing eye makeup and doing hair masks or on rough skin patches. Fractionated just means it's clarified and it's always in liquid form. It's really helpful and a relatively inexpensive bottle lasts me for months and months. 

3. Essential Oils. Whichever you'd like. I used a combination of lavender, citrus, and sage here. It's kind of herbacious and crisp which is such a lovely smell mixed with the steam in the shower. I use Eden's Garden oils. They're the best I've found for their price point and I have no complaints at all from using them.

4. A funnel if you don't have a super steady hand. 

To make:

Pour the fractionated coconut oil into the bottle about 3/4 of the way full. Add in 2-4 drops of each essential oil of choice. I ended up with about 12-14 drops total in my bottle. Put on the top, gently swirl or shake to mix. Label if desired, then get ready for a great smelling shower and baby bum smoothness on your legs, face, underarms, wherever. 

See? I bet you already have most of this stuff in your house already and maybe you, too, can save $10+ by just using what you already have. 

Happy shaving!