DIY Tea Towel

After making about a million of these (like, 6...) for gifts for Christmas this year, I realized I never thought to photograph any of the steps so that I could show y'all. Which means, we are now the proud owners of a newly made DIY tea towel all so I could show y'all the easiest craft ever, that makes a pretty nice custom gift. It's a great something to line a housewarming gift basket with, tie around a new cookbook, or do as I did - hang in your kitchen to pay homage to one of your favorite foods.

You will need: 

  1. Blank Tea Towel (I have these but you can buy them anywhere table linens are sold)
  2. DIY Cardstock Stencil (I'll get to this in a sec...)
  3. Scotch tape or masking tape
  4. Foam Brush
  5. Fabric Paint (Like this!)
  6. Paint Pens (optional, but fun for details)
  7. Cardboard to protect your surface

To make your stencil you have two options:

1. Use a Die cutter. I have a Silhouette Cameo and use it all the time for crafts and gifts. I make a design in the Silhouette Studio and it cuts it right out for me. It's a piece of cake and even though I'm not an avid every day make all the things crafter, I'd still say it's well worth the money.

2. Print out your design on card stock and cut it out with a knife. You could use anything from Photoshop to PicMonkey to make a design, then print it out and cut the stencil. And exactly knife will make it so you don't have any open gaps in the paper, and this leaks in your paint.

Either method is fine, but because I had a die cutter I went with that. 

My tea towels are 28"x28", so I made my design about 9" square which is about 1/3 of the total surface area.

If you want to make this super fun "Donut Worry Be Happy" towel, I have a couple free resources for you here to make your own!

If you happen to have a Silhouette, you can download the cut template I made here.

If you'd like to download one to print and cut out with an exacto knife, click here.

DIY Donut Tea Towel (9 of 16).jpg

To make the tea towel: 

  1. Tape stencil to tea towel, in the right position. I like to place it about 3 inches from the bottom edge, centered width wise. That way, when the towel is folded to hang, the design is in the right spot.
  2. Brush the paint into the fabric, using a gloved hand to hold down any loose pieces - like the hole in the D, or R. Remember, we're painting the negative space, so those floating pieces need to be held down. 
  3. Do two coats, waiting a couple minutes in between.
  4. Let dry, laying flat for 4-6 hours before doing the accent painting.
  5. Using paint markers, add any accents to your design, and maybe even sign it! I used white and pink to "frost" my doughnuts and add sprinkles because duh.
  6. Let everything dry flat for 72 hours. Trust me - your patience will be rewarded. After it's cured for 3 days, wash and dry like normal cotton. It helps soften things up.
  7. Marvel at your new custom creation.

But then, you have a nice little something to give to someone you love. Or keep for yourself because it's freaking adorable. I mean it's sparkly, and punny, and has frosted donuts on it. What more could you ask for on a Thursday? Nothing, that's what. 

I mean... maybe a donut.

DIY Donut Tea Towel (12 of 16).jpg

And that's it - a fun little DIY for you to try this weekend, for yourself or as a gift. I know I'm keeping this one for myself. Because doughnuts make me happy. :)  

Don't forget to pin this one for later and share with your friends! xoxo

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