December Favs

I'd like to firstly apologize for totally dropping the ball on doing a November Favs post. i know you were so anxiously awaiting it come the first week of December, and when it never came you probably cried and cried. I get it, I would too. ;) 

Or maybe you didn't notice because December was cray for all of us. Either way - here are some favorites from December that I really loved, and hope you will too!

1. Espresso Machine

We recently upgraded from a Keurig to an Espresso Machine and the difference is just amazing. I prefer lattes to drip coffee anyway, and between the price of the pods and fewer Starbucks runs, I'm pretty sure this thing has paid for itself already. It's super slim so it keeps the counters even clearer and makes delicious coffee., and despite my fears, it is super easy to operate. I won't ever live without an espresso machine again. (Get it here)

(P.S. - we use this coffee, and these espresso cups)

2. This cordless iPhone Speaker 

I love playing music from my phone, but the iphone speaker isn't quite loud enough and most speakers just aren't very pretty. This was a total impulse purchase and it's absolutely perfect for what I need. It's not the loudest, but it definitely amplifies my phone speaker without any cords. It's portable and looks really cute on a side table, and I love love love it. (Get it here!)

3. 2017 Easel Calendar

I ordered this one for myself and this one as a gift from Shutterfly in December and I love it. It's the perfect at glance monthly calendar, and I love that I can showcase favorite family photos on it. The modern design is perfect and the quality is amazing. I think I'll be ordering one every year! (Get it here!)

4. This tutu skirt from Target.

A total impulse buy before Christmas and now it's my favorite night out item. Dressed up or down, flats or heels. It's the perfect length to feel comfortable yet fun, and I know it'll translate well into Spring. (Get it here for less than $20!)

5. Suburbia Board Game

It's no secret that we love board games in this house, but I think this is my new favorite. It's one Tomas and I can play just us which is nice, but it's even better with a bigger group. It's strategy but not cutthroat. It's just so much fun. We're starting to add some expansions to it, and just like now, I'm telling all our friends about it. #boardgamenerds (Get it here!)

6. Food Network Magazine

I've cut way down on the number of magazines I subscribe to, but this is one is one I won't give up. I look forward to every month because it has some great tips and tricks, and I actually use several of the recipes each month. They have a big section dedicated to weeknight meals and sides and there are weeks that my entire meal plan is from that section. Definitely worth the subscription, for sure and I count magazines as happy mail so it's extra special to me! (PS - Amazon has this subscription for $5 for the entire year, y'all! That's a STEAL! Get it here!)

And if you're wondering about the copper basket, it's this one.

And while I'm sure there are many more things I discovered and loved, a top 6 will have to do for now. Because it's almost time for another cup of coffee and all this espresso machine talk has me thirsty. 

I hope you're having a most wonderful Thursday, friends! Happy Friday Eve!