Dear Friday: Staycation

Last weekend Tomas and I had our first overnight stay without kids since... well, ever. The last time we went anywhere without them was July of 2013. So, before they even existed. The overnight staycation was my birthday gift to Tomas and it was so lovely and so worth it. We had a great time being tourists in our own city for a little bit staying in a swanky downstairs hotel and eating all the food.

Oh - and big shout out and huge thanks to our BFFs, the boys' Godparents for holding down this fort and being awesome so we could do this. 

We stayed at Hotel1000 downtown and it was in the perfect location. We planned on spending most of our time at Pike Place and it was a short walk down 1st Ave to get there. The hotel was amazing and we LOVED the big bathtub. We are both hurting for a big tub in our house so it was a nice treat to take a hot bubble bath. We took a fun walk around Pike Place, took some photos, and stopped at our favorite places. 

For dinner we went to The Pink Door which was so. stinking. fun. You have to get reservations well in advance (we booked about a month out) but it's delicious dinner accompanied by a show. Saturday nights are a Burlesque show, so no pictures from the show itself, but we took our time getting ready, and enjoyed feeling like adults, and nobody fighting in the tub as I was putting on my mascara. Oh, the simply joys.

After sleeping in (no alarms, y'all. No. Alarms. Human or otherwise...), we had coffee in bed, then made our way to Capital Hill to continue our search for good Chicken and Waffles in Seattle. We've had a few of them and have been less than impressed, but we made our way to Witness for brunch which is supposed to have amazing southern food. We both gave it a solid B. The waffle was an A+, the chicken was tender and the breading was delicious, but they were chicken tenders. And everyone knows waffles and chicken thighs are soul mates. Soul. Mates. Overall though, delicious. And maybe the only Brunch place west of Lake Washington that wasn't crowded out the door. 

From there we made our way to Ballard. We had coffee at Ballard Coffee Works (one of my faaaavs), toured the Ballard Sunday Market, and met back up with our babes. And I pet every single dog I could get my hands on while we were there. #crazydoglady

And took photos of more flowers. #crazyflowerlady

Then I was thrown back into reality upon coming back home to loud drying equipment in the basement, the dog had pooped in the house.. but it was mighty good while it lasted. I'm super thankful for our time together, and we even managed to not talk about the kids the whole time. 

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