Dear Friday

Who has two thumbs, promised a M/Th/F blogging schedule then dropped that ball immediately?  This girl...

Anyway, best way to make a habit is keep jumping back on the train, so I'm here today with a new little occasional Friday post I'm calling Dear Fridays. I thought it would be a nice way to catch up on life, things I'm loving, just hang out.. which is exactly what I like to do on Fridays. Hang out, do some shopping, and drink copious amounts of coffee until the weekend hits where I can do basically the same thing, but with two sets of hands wrangling this circus. 

As I mentioned in my Instagram Stories and on this week's Happy Home Challenge, we're dealing with a flood in the basement. There's a problem with the drain for the washing machine and twice now, it's caused the washing machine in to drain onto the floor and that then spread to the adjacent rooms. We're working with the insurance company because it's done quite a bit of damage including forcing us to rip up all the carpet downstairs. So... it's not a great situation. But the good news is, we're getting it fixed and I'm glad for that. Aside from having to redo a lot of the drywall and now the floors, I've got some ideas for fixing up the space in a kind of phase one operation. We have big plans to convert that space in sommething completely different down the road, but for now, I think I give it a little R&R and make it feel a lot less... gross. 

At the beginning of the new year, I decided to give electronics the boot from my bedroom. It was for a few different reasons, one being that I hated the cord mess at the side of my bed all the time, and two, I didn't like waking up and immediately reaching for my phone or sitting on my phone late at night instead of sleeping. Plus, with the boys' tablets, my iPad and Apple Watch.. I just wanted somewhere for all the electronics to go. So I picked this charging station up on Amazon and I LOVE it. 

Jan 18-48.jpg

Charging Box/Leather iPad Cover/Leather Apple Watch Band/12-Inch Lightning Cables/USB Brick/Copper Pop Socket/Similar Phone Case

(planter and place mat both old from Target)

I also picked up the little 12-inch cords and a USB brick for it (linked above), and it's solved so many issues. I actually ready or journal before bed now instead of mindless scroling, everything has somewhere to go, including all the tablets and my watch, and it keeps the cord mess controlled and out of the rest of the house. Who would have thought this little box would make such an impact on our house?

I recently went on the search for new skin care. I was basically just a wash and moisturize with mid-range products girl for a really long time but I realized last Fall that it wasn't doing my skin any favors just to throw random products on it. So my skin guru (my girl, Ashley, who also did my logo and is my kids' godmother...) helped recommend some products, and maybe more importantly, a routine to follow. In that process, I found this Fresh Sugar Face Scrub and y'all it's the bomb.

Jan 18-40.jpg

It came in a 500 point reward box from Sephora but even this little teeny one has lasted me for two months. It's worth every penny because a little goes a long way. And it gets all the grit off my face without leaving it raw and over-sensitive. Definitely a staple in my product rotation now!

I was getting really tired of the boys' art supplies taking over an entire shelf of our linen closet and the constant mess it brought so I put together a little art card for them and my goodness it's the absolute best.

Jan 18-39.jpg

They can roll it from the linen closet to the kitchen table themselves, and even if it doesn't make it back it's way easier on the eyes sitting in the corner than a pile of papers and boxes. I was able to pair down to the things they use and it's been so good. Cart is from Target. And if you want to see exactly how it's organized, I have a little tour in my Instagram Story Highlights.

A little-known fact about me... I love vacuuming. Not just like, I don't mind it as a chore. No. I get real joy from vacuuming. It makes any space feel instantly cleaner, smell better, tidier, and it's one of the only ways I can control the dog hair in my house. (Thanks, Gatsby...). We recently picked up a new Dyson cordless vacuum and man this thing is my new BFF.

Jan 18-43.jpg

I vacuum at least once a day with this, if not twice. I also run the little hand attachments over our sofas, duvets, curtains, chairs, etc to keep everything clean. The battery runs for a full 40 minutes, and it's super powerful. This particular set also came with a car charger which is game. changer. I had an older Dyson cordless vac (like, 7+ years old) that I was upgrading from. So I took that car charger and that older vacuum, and now I have a car vacuum which is a luxury no mother should ever (ever, ever) be denied. And I will say, I know it's expensive. But this is one of those purchases that I made and couldn't even think about regretting it. It's that good.

I'm very into home/styling/DIY/lifestyle books right now and have collected quite a few. And while some of them I'm kind of neither here nor there one, The Year of Cozy is not one of them. This is a book probably all of you have heard of, but it's AMAZING. I got it as a gift and have since ordered probably 6 as gifts for others because it's so stinking good.

Jan 18-50.jpg

It's full to the brim of inspiring, easy things to incorporate into your day and your home, all approachable and beautiful. We refuse to any other cinnamon roll recipe than the one in this book and I am making my Spring bucket list basically just by copying the table of contents. 

And before I sign off for the weekend, Tomas and I are going on our first ever overnight stay without the boys this weekend! I am slightly terrified because they haven't had a night without us since they were conceived, and I'm also a little sad that it's only one night because I'm not sure I'll get to settle into relaxing about it before we have to return back to reality. Either way, we'll take lots of photos and be sure to report back as we're having our kid-free fun. 

Have a happy happy weekend, y'all! Have fun super-bowling! Go team! (Which team? Idk...)

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