Copenhagen + The Disney Magic

Our Nowegian cruise recap wouldn't be nearly complete without the addition of, well, two places not exactly in Norway. Our first port of call, and where we flew home from, Copenhagen, and of course our home away from home for the week, the Disney Magic, are both two of my favorite highlights from the trip.

The Disney Magic

The Disney Magic, though one of Disney's smaller ships in the fleet, was SO much fun. There was literally something to do every single day, we ate at different restaurants on the ship every evening, got to meet all the characters. It was a blast. We had dance parties with Goofy, got to see amazing shows every night from Tangled the Musical to variety shows and basically one that was one big giant Disney Medley. There was endless food, endless fun, and our bed was made for us every single day (twice... because naps), and they left chocolates on our pillows. Our cruise was Frozen themed (duh.. Norway) and they did it so well. We loved that there were things to do for every age all the time, meaning no matter what time of day or who you are or what you like to do, there's something for you. Including adults... Tomas and I definitely let the kids hang out in the kids club a few times for some much needed adult only time, in the 18+ areas. Needless to say, the cruise was absolutely lovely and we cannot wait to get back on a Disney ship. As in, I've been looking up cruises for 2018. The only question is... where to next?

Copenhagen, Denmark

If you can believe it, my favorite city on our whole trip wasn't in Norway and it wasn't even Paris. It was Copenhagen. It's my favorite city, maybe ever. The bikes everywhere, the fun buildings. Everywhere I turned there was a new coffee shop waiting for me to go in and sit and drink espresso and eat pastries. We took a tour of Copenhagen and every stop left we in awe with a huge excitement to go back. Tomas and I agreed it'll definitely be on our list of places to go sans kids someday. You can rent bikes to get all over the place or take public transit, and there's so much to see and do. We drove by Tivoli, we went to the Palace (where my kids proceeded to tantrum in marble lined halls because they're three and don't give as damn), saw The Little Mermaid statue, the Opera house, and took a driving tour through so many parts of the town. I'll need a whole week to soak it all in and then maybe a few more times, but I was smitten. It's an absolutely beautiful city with so much good design, rich culture, and lovely people. And pastries. Which are high on my priority list. 

And that, my friends, sums up our 10 Days in Europe. I had intended to blog about this trip sooner, but you know, we got back moved and renovated, I went to Orlando for 5 days, and then we moved and renovated some more and here we are. That being said, I am so beyond blessed and grateful that we got to take this trip and take it with our boys. It was tough at times. Very tough. But my goodness - we got to see three new countries, go on a Disney Cruise, meet our favorite characters, and have 10 days of some desperately needed family time. I'm so glad that we went, so glad to be home, and so excited to go again. 

Until next time

xo - Sara