Last Minute Gift for Anyone on Your List

Okay y'all - let's get to it. Christmas is 6 Days away. SIX! And let me guess, you're probably not done shopping, right? And you have a couple people left that you have no idea what to get them and you're this close to getting a gift card...? Sound familiar? Well whether it does or doesn't, we've all been in this place, either for Christmas, a housewarming gift, what have you. And as I want putting a few last minute things over the weekend, I thought I'd share this gift basket I came up with. It's a bit of a "cool" spin on the traditional coffee + mug combo - a Cold Brew Coffee Gift Basket.

Cold Brew Gift Basket Graphic.png

It's kind of an activity and drink in one because they get to make their own cold brew, something lots of people haven't done before. It's using the same recipe and method I used in this post to make my own favorite cold brew, which if you remember was unbelievably simple. 


Cold Brew Gift Basket-5.jpg
  • Basket
  • Tea Towel
  • Small Mesh Sieve
  • Cheesecloth
  • Mason Jar
  • Fun Seasonal Straw
  • Chocolates (Because cold brew and dark chocolate are BFFs y'all)
  • Instructions on how to make the coffee (get a free printable here for the card I used!)
  • Coffee. And this is where you shouldn't skimp. Everything else can be bought at the dollar store for pretty cheap and I would recommend that. But the quality of the coffee really makes a difference for Cold Brew. We always use San Francisco Bay coffee when we make a cup of joe, from K-cups to Espresso and even cold brew. It's organic, sustainably sourced, and really really delicious. I'd highly recommend it! Find it at, or wherever you buy groceries. 

See? It's really not much and most of it is basic cold brew equipment that's helpful for lots of things in the kitchen. I also included a little card with a hand written note and the recipe for Cold Brew so I didn't leave my gift recipient hanging. 

If you want to make the cold brew basket for yourself, er, your friends, feel free to save the image below to use for your own basket! And tag me on Social Media when you do make it! I want to see! 

And with that - I'm off to finish one last gift wrapping and make some Christmas chocolates. Happy Monday! And Happy Holidays! xoxo

P.S. I received this bag of San Francisco Bay coffee free of charge in exchange for my review. We really do use it in our home though, and I do spend my own money on it, and I do really love this brand. <3 Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog - it means so very much to me! 

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