Cleaning Up the Hoarder Den with Rubbermaid Fastrack

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So, we moved into this house about 4 months ago. And I love it, I really do. But as we've been unpacking, I've been purging. Anything I don't want doesn't stay... in that room, at least. It's been "Keep this, this goes to that room, all that stuff I don't it in the garage." And into the garage it went. All the boxes, all the stuff, not to mention the things that actually go in the garage like tools and holiday decorations. 

We've tried to do a little bit of clean up here and there, but y'all, it's gotten to the point where I refer to the garage as my Hoarder Den and I keep the door closed if people come over... But I want our garage to be usable space! I have projects, we have things to store that we need to be accessible, and our garage is the door to the backyard - I want to grill this summer and not have to do parkour to get out there. 

So this is where we were a couple weeks ago. Remember, judgement free zone. Though I am judging myself a little bit here. Yeesh.

Rubbermaid Fast Track Garage Organizer.jpg

I know. It was bad. So.... we listed three pieces of furniture to sell, put out approximately 20 boxes of stuff for the donation truck to pick up, and about the same amount of recycling. We're still sorting through the keep stuff, and getting it situation on the shelves, but it left us with the wall-o-garden-tools there.

Rubbermaid Fast Track Garage Organizer-2.jpg

Again. Yeesh.

We live in Washington and the weeds grow like...uh... weeds. The grass almost as fast, plus I've decided to become a hobby gardener so we need to be able to get to our garden tools frequently. And that just wasn't cutting it. We needed to go... vertical.

So, we headed to The Home Depot (or the Home Dee-pot, like tea pot, as my grandad used to call it) and got ourselves a solution, in the form of the super cool Rubbermaid® FastTrack® Garage System.

We picked up some accessories, too, but I'll get to those later.

When it was time for installation (AKA nap time), it went really fast. Like, we went from hot mess to hot...erm... organization in about an hour. 

It makes it nice that they include all the hardware for you in the hardware pack so you know you have everything you need. We started with the rails first...

Basically, you pick your placement. Make sure it's level, and mark the spots for your holes.

Drill your pilot holes...

Insert the drywall anchor (pinch and nail it in), then use the screws to mount the metal rail. 

Then put on the cover and triple check that it's level. 

Then lather, rinse, repeat for the other rail so that you have one looooong, rail with so much organizing potential.

Then it was time to hang the Wall Panel. That was pretty much as simple as finding where you want it...

Then use the included screws to screw through the panel into the studs. 

Then came the funnest part of all. Loading it all up! Oh - it was so satisfying to see all that clutter from the the floor be effortlessly lifted onto the wall.

It's so nice, y'all. So nice. I can just go out there to grab a tool when I'm doing things in the yard, and it keeps all this stuff off the garage floor. Multi-purpose, multifunctional, and best of all, really good quality. 

The Hoarder Den garage is slowly but surely getting there, y'all! Between all this stuff going vertical, the giant pile of donation items that were picked up Friday, and the recycling pile waiting to go out on Recycling day, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. We might actually be brave enough to open the garage door to the public now... weird concept, eh?

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