O Christmas Tree (2016)

As it's our first year getting a real Christmas tree, and the best way to kick off the Christmas season - the most wonderful season of all (obvs), I wanted to document our little romp through the Christmas tree lot and wee bit of decorating. We've always had artificial trees before and there's just something so celebratory and magical about picking your tree in the lot, seeing the littlest dance around in between the branches, hoisting it up on the car, and taking it home to light it up. All while trying to explain to a two year old that no the red ornaments are not apples, no you can't lick the glitter, no they are not the dog's ball, and yes you may hang them all on one branch if that's what you choose love.

To see more of our Christmas decor, come back Wednesday. I've got almost all those photos ready to share with you and I can't wait! Happy happy Monday, y'all! ❤️ 

Also, any time anyone asks me what it's like having twin toddlers, I think I'm just going to start showing the this photo...

Happy Monday, friends! <3 <3 Let's make this week an awesome one. xoxo