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And we're back to the Capsule Chronicles.  Today, though, today is about building the capsule itself. And where as I think every capsule is different, and it will vary between lifestyles, seasons (like weather seasons....), seasons (like life seasons), etc, I do think every Capsule can benefit from the same basic core structure. 

And pssst... Just in case you're new to this series, you can read about Why You Need a Capsule Wardrobe in the first place here, and How To Clean Out Your Closet to Get Ready for a Capsule Wardrobe here.

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Bottoms | I say this pretty loosely because I think this means something different to each person. Some people like shorts, others like shirts, others (like me) pants. In general, though, I'd say each capsule needs about 5ish (give or take) bottom pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down, and range in cut. My five that I pretty much always keep: a knit midi skirt, a pair of boyfriend jeans, a pair of skinnies, a pair of joggers, and straight or skinny black pants. I also have a pair of denim overalls I wear all the time in the cooler months, as a well as a pair of denim shorts I like when it's just too hot for anything else in the summer.

Dresses | Now, I'm not much of a dress person, so I can't say this will work for everyone, because I don't wear dresses very often. But I really only feel the need for two dresses at a time and sometimes have more than that if I really love one. I always keep the same LBD in my closet year round. It's an old find from Target that is super comfortable and flattering that goes just as well with sandals as it does with tights and sweater. And I keep a seasonal dress. Right now, it's the Pink Blush dress from this post, but as we're moving into the cooler months, I love a comfy sweater dress that I love and wear often.

Tees and Tanks | I always keep well made and well fitting white, black, and nude camis in my drawer that I basically wear under everything, just for my own comfort. But when I'm throwing together an outfit, a simple and well fitting tee or tank is my go-to choice. I keep neutral colors mostly, and stick with items that don't wrinkle easily. I have to admit, I have way more of these than I really need because I am a big sucker for fun tees with sayings on them that I find late at night while scrolling through Instagram. But I'd say for these - 5-7 is probably plenty unless, like me, you just can't say no to Instagram Ads. 

Blouses and Nicer Tops | Admittedly, I keep few of these around because my life just doesn't call for them. But I have a couple soft scoop neck sweaters that work well with both jeans and a skirt, and I can throw on a belt and heels and have a real outfit. Or you know... wear them with leggings and thick socks and call it a day at home. So, if your life calls for them, go for it. I am the champion of dressing as casually as possible, so I prefer casual tops I can pretend are dressy sometimes instead of buying tops I'll almost never wear. 

Sweaters | Both pullover and cardigans, kind of outwear hybrids. The perfect Fall completer piece. Perfect for the extending a tank into the next season and for completing an outfit. Everything from knit boyfriend sweaters, a relaxed pullover, and beyond. Again, I keep more of these around than I need, which is probably only 3.. 4, max.

Jackets | As far as actual outwear goes, I keep maybe 2 of them around, if that. A well fitting, neutral colored coat that's on trend will look good with any outfit. I don't worry too too much about these. 

Accessories | Accessories kind of defy the logic behind a wardrobe of basics, but accessories really make or break a capsule wardrobe. I can have on the exact same pair of jeans with the exact same top, bra, hair do, and makeup and as little as 3 accessories can make a huge difference. Accessories are where you can let loose a little with your capsule. I love love love shoes, so I am usually more willing to buy them knowing that I can use them to make my wardrobe more versatile. Same thing  goes with necklaces and bright lipstick. 

SO! That's what I keep in my wardrobe. I'll be back soon with a detailed look at my Fall Capsule and how I use different pieces differently, and how I create outfits so stay tuned! And if you like these posts, do me a favor and pin the image up there with the text. It helps me a lot. 



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