Busy Season

I come to you today, on the first day my kids have napped this week, with a house full of sick people (thankfully not myself....yet), with a pile of things to do a mile high and realllly wishing I could afford to hire a personal barista. I've been quiet around here because, truthfully, we're busy. The boys started co-op last week, I'm in the midst of a new business venture, and we have friends and family and outings and date nights, a wedding and responsibilities in that wedding, and just so much. 

What's funny is that Fall gives me this overwhelming sense of calm. I feel at peace with myself, with the world. It's the calm before the storm of the holidays, the house is cool, the weather is gray, and I am more than happy to just sit at home and bake pumpkin bread, vacuum the floors, and play with my kids. But I can't really do that with twin toddlers and plans every day of the week. There's no slowing down in sight, for now anyway, and even though a cozy afternoon in sounds lovely, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm coming to terms with that fact that we're just in a busy season of our lives right now. Having small children, having good friends, committing to our relationships with each other (Tomas and I), and our friends and family. We're pulled in so many directions all the time, but we're really happy. 

The boys are at such a fun and exhausting age where one minute they're happy to play with a puzzle on the sofa, the next they're pulling all the bedding from their room into the living room to make a fort, the next they're fighting over it, and then asking for a snack, all within 5 minutes. 

Jude is such a talker now and he's so curious. He comes up to me often and says "Wha-ya doin Mama?" and often asks to sit on the potty just to sit there and do nothing but kick his feet. We're in no hurry and I'm not pushing anyway, so sit he shall. He also has a love for all thing Dory, his baby doll, walking the dog (much to the dog's chagrin), and drawing.

Wyatt never stops moving, as usual. He loves anything with wheels and loves to count down "free, twooo, wun, GOOOOOO!" and uses anything as his race track - the floor, the cabinets, the arm of the sofa, the arm of Mama... saying "beep beep" the whole way. He loves to share things with his brother and always makes sure to grab something for him whether it's a snack or a toy. He's so clever and is always one step ahead of me, so I'm always close behind ready to catch him or secure yet another door in our house. I pity the person that tries to rob us. He'll have to find keys not just for the front door, but for the cabinets, the interior doors, even the furniture and TVs are bolted to the wall. Thanks Wyatt. :) 

Like I mentioned last week, we're getting a puppy. We've been wanting a Saint Bernard for years now, but limited (Well, Tomas limited) the house to 2 dogs. A couple months after we lost our sweet Duke in the spring, we started looking for Saint Bernard puppies knowing it could be a bit of a wait to find exactly what we wanted. We're over the moon excited for our new fluffy arrival, just in time for the holidays.

Upcoming we have travel for our best friends' wedding, our new puppy, fun with friends here in Washington, a big Morris family Thanksgiving, the new pup, of course, a couple other trips scattered in there and before we know it, it'll be Christmas time. But like I said - Fall makes me happy, so so happy. And I really do love this season, however busy and chaotic it may be, and however much coffee and dry shampoo I must use to survive it. 

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