$92 Bathroom Update

I mentioned in our Before tour of the house that there was not one surface in this house we didn't plan on changing or doing something to. I think that's just the name of the game when you buy a fixer upper, but since we're planning to do this renovation 85% ourselves, and do it as we have the time and budget... some spaces just can't be overhauled right now. Much (MUCH) to my dismay. So I've taken to Phase One makeovers pretty hard just so I can tolerate these spaces until they get the remodel they deserve. 

Like this hall bathroom for instance...

It's actually a pretty large bathroom, and I have big dreams of statement tile and a beautiful converted vanity in here. But right now, I just needed it to function. It's the main bathroom for the upper level of the house for any guests, and since the boys have potty trained, we all seem to spend a pretty sizable amount of time in there. So I was not about to just live with it in this state until we can get around to renovating. 

So - phase one to the rescue!

Steps one and two: Remove the wall to wall carpet (yes, in a bathroom... WHY) and replace the rusted out toilet. We did that in all of the bathrooms when we took possession but that was all we did. And I painted every room that had hard wood going in before the floors went down but I never touched this room so it was pretty much sitting as is when we moved in. So antsy ol' me got extra antsy one random Thursday and decided I was going to paint the rest of the house. While home alone with two kids because why not?! I painted the kitchen, this hall bathroom, and our master bathroom that day and it already made it feel so much better. But this bathroom needed a lot more than paint to be usable, even though we hadn't allocated any budget to it at all.

Enter my $92 bathroom update. I spent less than $100 by using paint we already had, accessories I shopped from around the rest of the house, and finding the best deals I could on everything else.

The only things I bought: the copper pipe for the shower curtain rod (cut in half making it $12), closet shelf brackets to hang it, a new faucet we found on sale at Lowe's ($23), and the $50 shelf from IKEA. That's it. And now it looks like this:

Budget Friendly Renter Bathroom Update-17.jpg

The walls and ceiling are painted in the same color as the rest of the house (Silver Birch by Glidden) and the cabinet a charcoal color I already had on hand.

The vanity is set into the wall which makes the room feel even bigger. Almost unnecessarily so. It actually takes away from the master bathroom which makes me a little perturbed but right now - focus on what I can change, right? That included - switching out the mirror for one I already had (this one from Target), replacing the faucet with one that didn't squeak/didn't seem to be falling completely apart, and paint the cabinet. Everything else stayed as is with a little help from some fresh florals (compliments of the hubs) and accessories from around the house.

I also updated the lighting with some working bulbs (imagine that) which made probably the biggest difference in this bathroom to take it from dungeon to doable. I forgot to snag a picture, but if you can imagine builder basic with 70s glass flare, that's where we were. We just removed the glass cover and put 4 LED Edison bulbsinto the vanity light to brighten up the space.

The waffle knit shower curtain is one we already had from our last house. We did spend $20 on a 3/4" x 10' copper pipe that we cut in half to make the shower curtain. Add two closet rod brackets on either side and we had a bit of visual interest and style for $10. And goodness knows I was happy to get rid of those scummy glass doors. I’m itching to redo the bathtub and surround but like I said – later. So the shower curtain bounces light around and adds some texture the space desperately needed.

The eucalyptus wreaths on the wall were DIYs with dried plants and gold craft hoops. And the photos hung on the wall are from a gallery we had around our TV in the last house. They just happened to work well on this wall and I like the color and interest it adds to the space.

The final addition in the room was an attempt at making that corner feel less empty and more intentional. This $50 IKEA shelf was my biggest splurge but so perfect for the space and the price made it even better. Paired with baskets, accessories, and towels I already owned, it worked out really well to add some storage without shoving it all under the sink and it keeps towels and extra toilet paper easily accessible (almost too accessible for a certain set of twin boys…

The best part is that any money we spent in this room can be translated into future upgrades. The shelf and curtain rod will likely stay in that room, and the faucet can easily move to another bathroom if it doesn’t stay in this one long term. Which means that we didn’t waste a single cent of that $92, even if it was just an investment in my sanity. I can at least show guests where the bathroom is without shuddering as they walk in. And I don’t avoid it myself either…so I’ll call this a win. A $92 win (for an entire room!), which is even sweeter.

Bathroom Update Budget Friendly Pin Image.png
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