Blogging and Other Friday Thoughts

I was sitting on my phone, doing my first-five-minutes-of-naptime Mommy break, looking through the 'gram as I do, drooling over everyone's beautiful photos and wondering where they got that throw blanket, then fell down the rabbit hole into CB2 and all that is beautiful, skipped back to Orlando Soria's Instagram. Here I am an hour later.

I should blog today, I thought.

I thought maybe I should post something to Instagram, too. You know... consistency is key and even though I can't get myself together enough to post here more than twice a week, I can usually put a square photo up on Instagram with a caption. #BabySteps.

But when my caption turned into a chapter out of a short, story, I moved it over here. And I thought maybe they don't care.... but then I thought, It's my blog I do what I want. 

So a few things running through my mind today - 

1. I'm tired all the time because I'm busy all the time. But I can't really quantify how busy I am because look I back on my day, on my week, and wonder what I did. Then I realized I'm too busy to realize how busy I am. Also, I'm raising humans. I'd like to think it's something about long days and short years or something, but at this point I think it's just a blur of busyness. And every time I wipe up one sticky mess, two more take its place. 

2. I bought a Costco sized pack of Skinny Pop popcorn because it sounded good. I'm almost embarrassed (read: not at all) about how much of it I'm currently eating (literally right now). But it's called Skinny Pop and it's just vegetables that have been turned inside out. (Read: healthy)

3. My car has been taken over by my toddlers and summer. I had a great system going for a while, but looks like it's time to adapt that because good-ness.

4. I have about 20 blog posts running through my head that I want to write....some I've started! Guess how many I have finished? 

I'll give you a hint. It's a number between -1 and 1 and starts with a z.

But! I do have a fun home-made cold brew coffee recipe coming your way next week for sure. It's my new favorite thing, guys.

5. I started a Bullet Journal and it's kind of amazing. I'll be sure to share in the next few weeks as I'm figuring it out but long story short - I finally found a planner that works for me.

6. I'm so grateful for the friends I've made here in Washington. Like, in 6 months I've been lucky enough to build this amazing tribe of moms who just get it, love me even though I'm a little cray, and make me laugh. What more could you ask for? Nothing. Nothing at all.

They even bring me lovely flowers on a random Wednesday morning.

7. I'm working on a house tour page for y'all  (you can find it in the navigation menu)! I've been working on it for literally two months, but it should be up next week! So be sure to watch for it. It will evolve as the house does, so it's something you'll want to keep an eye on if you're at all interested.

8. My kids have officially gotten into the rain boot phase. I always wondered why I saw so many toddlers in the middle of summer, on a hot sunny day, wearing rain boots. I no longer wonder... because I have two of them who are obsessed with their rain boots. Maybe because they can put them on themselves (which is actually nice for me...)? Maybe because they're cool. IDK. It's adorable, but they're getting a little stinky. 

9. And finally. WHY is it that I feel my most productive on Fridays? This has always been the case for me, even when I worked a 9-5. Mondays are always the busiest, but it feels forced because I'm easing into the week. Tuesday-Thursday are all kind of hit or miss. But Friday, without fail, I get the most things done. Maybe I subconsciously feel like I need to earn my weekend. Although, everybody's working for the weekend, huh? heyeahhheyyy.

Happy Friday, y'all!