sara with parrot
sara with parrot

Today is my 23rd birthday! I thought to celebrate, I’d do a post alllll about me. Because let’s face it – I’m pretty freaking interesting.

I’m kidding. But, I do think there’s probably a lot about me you don’t know, so here’s 23 random facts about yours truly.

  1. I’m from Texas, and even though I’ve spent the majority of my life in Colorado, I’ll always identify myself as a Texan.
  2. I am the youngest of three kids. I have two brothers, the oldest of which is 11 years older than I am. We’re all pretty close and look a lot alike.
  3. My middle name is Michelle.
  4. My favorite color is pink. But I also love Gold, Orange, and Dark Teal. And gray. And black. And sometimes white. And Kelly green.
  5. I am a dog person. I don’t mind other people’s cats, but I don’t ever want one for myself. I’d probably have a dog compound if a certain husband (ahem) would let me.
  6. I have an irrational fear of Colossal Squid. Just looking at a picture of one gives me the creeps. Octopus don’t bother me, though.
  7. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Fourth of July is my second favorite.
  8. I don’t have a favorite food, but my top five are probably (in no special order), Chicken and Waffles, Fajitas, Steak, Bacon, and Sweet Potatoes.
  9. When I was little, I wanted to be a lawyer/singer/teacher hybrid. Dream big, that’s what I sometimes say.
  10. Speaking of being a singer, I can sing. I can read music, too.
  11. I’m 5 feet, 7 inches tall.
  12. I have always wanted a hot pink Porsche Boxter with black leather seats and a license plate that said “Awesome.”
  13. The ocean is my happy place, by far.
  14. I didn’t ride in an airplane until I was 18.
  15. I want my own TV show where I just get to make hilarious commentary on my life, and other people’s lives. Because I think I’m funny. I doubt I’d even get past the Pilot.
  16. How I Met Your Mother is my favorite TV show of all time. I don’t have a favorite movie.
  17. My two favorite flowers are carnations and peonies.
  18. I hate Polka music. With a bleeding passion.
  19. I have an opinion on basically everything. Even if it’s slightly (sometimes completely) unfounded, I have an opinion about it all.
  20. I really want a pet Tiger. Tomas says no. I say, someone breed a teacup tiger so I can have one. And yes, I realize that would technically qualify me as having a cat. But it’s a Tiger and that’s different.
  21. My favorite cake is Strawberry cake, but my favorite dessert is pie. And Banana Pudding. Though, I wonder if whipped cream by the spoonful counts as dessert. Because that might change things.
  22. I consider myself a pretty decent cook, but I almost always screw up bacon. Any time we have bacon, Tomas makes it because I mess it up.
  23. The cleaning aisle gives me legitimate joy. I feel pure happiness and excitement in Bed Bath and Beyond surrounded by their cleaning tool selection.