And Just Like That...

It wasn’t too long ago that I wasn’t a mom. That I had all the time in the world to do what I wanted. I didn’t buy diapers or baby food pouches. Breast pumps were foreign objects I didn’t take a second glance at. My outfits needn’t be about function and the ease in which it allowed me to chase a babe around, or two babes. My life was not empty. I had friends and family, a husband who I loved and loved me back. I had a home, hobbies, and took interest in a lot of things. Then, just like that, I was a mom. The first year was full of challenges, change. It was wonderful, still. We went through challenges with nursing, I became an exclusive pumper. The boys cut 9 teeth between them. We went through tough transitions to cribs, nap transitions. Five clothes sizes. Five diaper sizes. Rolling over, rolling over the other way, sitting up, scooting, crawling, walking, climbing. Breast milk, supply issues, over supply issues, purees, finger foods, sippy cups. Reflux, runny noses, two hip ultrasounds, coughs, rashes, growth spurts, growth curves. Infant seats, convertible seats. High chairs.

The day Wyatt got out of the NICU. Our first ride home. First social smiles. A new home. Watching them discover new things every day. Babbling, first words, second words, waving and clapping. Seeing them showered with love by everyone we hold close. Watching Wyatt takes his first steps. Watching Jude light up a room with his big personality. Seeing Tomas become a dad, an outstandingly amazing dad. Becoming a mom and learning so much about myself and about the world because of two tiny humans. Taking pictures every day. Watching my two boys love each other so much and become very best friends. The first year was amazing. And it went by so fast.

Jude and Wyatt, I’m in awe of you. I never in a thousand years could have imagined two people more perfect than you two. You are brilliant and curious. Your high energy both inspires me and exhausts me. Your wonder excites me. Your kindness, whole heartedness, and unconditional love humbles me. The year I’ve spent being your mama has been the absolute most wonderful year of my life. Every hardship, every doubt I had, every tear we all shed means that for one year, we’ve been in this together. And I promise, that I’m right here with you every single step of the way, forever. You two make me a better person. I love you, unconditionally, with more love that I thought my heart could ever hold. Thank you for choosing me. I am honored and blessed. Happy birthday, my loves. I hope you always know what a gift you are to me and to the world, what a gift the world is to you.

First Birthday
First Birthday

And just like that, they are one.