Father's Day Gift Guide: 2015

Father’s Day is June 21st, y’all! I know it’s a ways away, but it’s always nice to start shopping early. Plus, if you order anything custom made, it’ll be done in time for it to get here and get wrapped without any stress or overly-priced expedited shipping. I’m super excited to celebrate Tomas this year! He’s such an awesome, amazing, supportive, all around superb dad and he deserves to be celebrated. Plus, Tomas and I have two pretty awesome dads ourselves who need some love and celebration, too. So, as I’m shopping, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite things I’ve stumbled across that would probably make good gifts for the dads in your life, no ties or grill spatulas included (seriously – how many giant spatulas does one dude need?!)

2015 Father's Day Gift Guide
2015 Father's Day Gift Guide
  1. Beer Accessories. I don’t know about you and your guys, but we’re big fans of beer around here. These Cozies from Garvin and Co are so adorbs and a set of 4 would only cost $24. An engraved pilsner or mug (like these) would also be cool. There's even a Beer of the Month club. It’s the gift that keeps on giving all year long, Clark.
  2. A Digital Photo Frame. I actually got one for Tomas last year for Father’s Day (when our babes were a wee three weeks old!), and he LOVED it. He was about to go back to work from paternity leave and it was a way he could keep the babes with him all the time. He updates it every now and then and it’s so much better than having to print out a single photo to keep on your desk.
  3. Exotic Car Driving Experience. I see Groupon Deals for this every single day, twice a day. For around $100, you can give your dad the satisfaction of acting on a midlife crisis, without having to be the referee between him and your mom when he’s explaining the $80,000 Corvette in the driveway. Or it’s a really cool, once in a lifetime experience. There’s that, too. (If he's not into exotic cars or you just don't trust him driving one, a gift certificate to get his current set of wheels detailed would be nice, too.)
  4. I do not know one guy who does not love going into Brookstone just to mess with all of the cool contraptions, then walk out empty handed, sulking, because they couldn’t/didn’t need whatever the coolest thing was in there. Go for the toy helicopter, or the light-show iPhone dock, or the massaging neck pillow. Basically, go to Brookstone.com, sort by your budget, then pick the first thing on there, unless it's a walker or monogrammed laundry hamper. He’ll love it. Bonus points for letting him play with it without getting mad. ;) (No judging, we’re all human, and kids are exhausting.)
  5. Funny Dad Tshirt. Tomas loves graphic tshirts with funny sayings, so I'm always on the lookout. I love this Adorable Babies set for a Daddy/Baby outing, or this Awesome Dad tshirt. For parents with multiples, this one is the best. I actually just ordered one for myself as I was getting the link to post here....
  6. Time for Him. We often think of giving women spa treatments, but guys like to be pampered a little, too! Buy him a massage, or get him a gift certificate to an upscale barber shop. A nice haircut, scalp massage, and a close shave will make him feel like a million bucks. Plus, they could use some time away where nobody is demanding something from them for a while, too.
  7. If you (or your guy) is a card person, my favorite cards are from Emily McDowell. She makes the best, most heartfelt (and gut busting) cards ever. And they’re actually less expensive than Hallmark.

And if all else fails, make him breakfast (with lots of bacon), take him off of diaper duty, and let him sleep in a little. Just show your husband, your dad, your father in law, your father-figure-who’s-not-actually-your-dad, that you care and appreciate them in whatever way you know how. Cause without dads, we’d have no horrible jokes, nobody to always tell us how it really is, nobody to ask when Mom says no, and nobody to have that kind of once-in-a-lifetime relationship with you can only have with Dad.

P.S. I’m very serious people. No neck ties or giant spatulas. Enough is enough.