Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10! Truth be told, what I really want for Mother’s Day this year is to spend time with my little family, get a pedicure, and my office to be painted. The pedicure is already scheduled, and I just have to pick out a color. But if you’re looking for things to get your mom or your wife, I’ve curated some of my favorite Mom’s Day gifts that are sure to make her feel a little better about all the dirty diapers she’s endured over the years. Oh, and everything here is under $50!

Mothers Day Gift Guide Picture
Mothers Day Gift Guide Picture
  1. Mama Bear t-shirt. I love this line of products so much – their products are so cute and they have something for everyone. Follow them on Instagram (@lovedbyhannahandeli) and you can find lots on info on their products, like sizing and fit, and even sale codes!
  2. Pretty Notebook. If your mom or wife is anything like me, she probably has about 1.26 million things going through her head at once. Whether she uses this for her daily to-do lists, to jot down a phone number, or to write the occasional journal entry, she’s bound (heh. Get it?) to love it.
  3. Bathtub Tray . Fill it, and set it up on the tub for her. Put some pretty bath salts, a stack of magazines or a new book, and a lovely scented candle on top. No wrapping required.
  4. Personalized iPhone Case. As moms, we love taking and having photos of our kids, but it’s not often that we think to order personalized photo gifts for ourselves. I love the phone case idea because then it’s always with us and a cheery little surprise every time we reach into our purse or diaper bag.
  5. Breakfast in Bed. I love the idea of waking up to crispy waffles, bacon, and maybe even a fresh cup of coffee in a personalized mug.
  6. Spa Gift Card. You could include this with a couple of pretty Essie polishes (I always like to take my own polish so I have some at home if I need to touch up) and a magazine to read while she’s getting a pedicure, or even layer a Starbucks gift card on top so she can run through the drive through on the way there.

And if you're looking for the perfect card, but like me, can never seem to find the right one. I have been loving cards from Emily McDowell Studio. They're hilarious and non-cheesy - but still seem to get the message across perfectly.

I'm actually really excited for this Mother's Day, as it'll be my first mother's day after having the boys!

What's on your wish list this year? Anyone else want a room painted? hah!