Young Love

Let me first tell you about Tomas. My guy. He’s my very best friend in the world. We share everything, do everything together, and know each other better than anyone else in the world. He loves his family, learning new things, trying new foods, and everything Microsoft. He is one of the most intelligent people I know, and thus one of the most curious and argumentative. He is a great listener, definitely not a night owl, and I’m pretty sure he thinks of his beard as part of who he is now. He believes in people, in humanity. And he makes me a better person every day. I have never been, and never will be, challenged more by a person. And I love him more than I can ever express to you in words.

Tomas and I go wayyy back. Like, fifth grade. That’s when I moved to Colorado, about a block away from Tomas. It was a summer day, the day we met. My best friend at the time happened to be Tomas’s next door neighbor. My friend and I were taking a walk to the park when I felt something against my leg. Then something against my shoulder. Something cold, wet, and altogether unpleasant. I turned to find two kids running towards us, ambushing us with water guns, laughing hysterically. That was the day I met the man I’d spend the rest of my life with. Our paths intertwined by a Super Soaker.

Fast forward to 7th grade. Because Tomas and I lived in adjacent neighborhoods, we rode the same school bus. Tomas has always been the kind of guy to keep to himself, to have a few friends. I’m exactly the opposite, well I was back then anyway. There Tomas was, sitting on the bus one morning keeping to himself, listening to his little iPod mini. I walked over, sat next to him and started up a conversation about his music, what he was listening to, could I listen, blah blah blah. And Tomas, being the sweet guy he’s always been, happily obliged, us having ended our water gun feud a while back. Every day on the bus that year he handed me an ear bud and we’d listen to his iPod together. Mostly Journey and REO Speed Wagon. We became best friends. We talked and laughed, sang. One day after school, in the spring of 2005, I sat down next to Tomas on the bus like I always did. He was sitting there, without his iPod, scribbling something on what appeared to be the back of his math homework. Without a word, he handed me a shoddily folded piece of paper with the infamous gesture of love for a 7th grader. “Will you go out with me?” And a check box for yes, no, and maybe. I checked Maybe. Our first date happened that Friday night, chauffeured by my future Mother in Law. We saw The Skeleton Key, which was horrible. As for the date, suffice it to say, it didn’t go well. We (I) agreed to just be friends.

November of that year, in the beginning of 8th grade, my parents told me we’d be moving back to Texas. It was sudden, and it was really hard for me. I remember saying my good-byes in the school cafeteria the day I left, but I only remember one specifically. Tomas. He hugged me so tightly when we said good-bye, so genuinely, and told me he’d miss me. I’d miss him, too. When we got to Texas, I made a few friends, but I never really adjusted. Tomas called me one day, just to say hey, and we talked for four hours. I lived in Texas for four months and we talked every single day for hours and hours and hours. We spoke on the phone, instant messenger, email. We talked about our lives, our loves, and that’s when I fell in love with Tomas. In 8th grade, living 900 miles apart.

I moved back to Colorado on February 26th of 2006. I registered back at school on the 28th. I remember walking down the hallway, going to class, and I was once again ambushed. Something warm, and altogether pleasant. There he was, giving me a huge welcome home hug. My Tomas. Later that morning, I was outside walking to a class and Tomas stopped me on a gravel trail right outside the building, people walking past us, the human road blocks. He asked me, “Sara, will you be my girlfriend.” I said, “Maybe.” Hah. I actually did say maybe, which made him panic a little, but then I immediately said yes.

We went to every school dance together, both proms. We did homework together, we did Speech and Debate together. We have grown up together.

We were engaged our senior year of high school, on April 6th, in the same place he asked me to be his girlfriend. He picked me up from my house one night at 10:00, in the same car his mom drove to our first date. I was already in my pajamas, and he wouldn’t tell me where we were going. He pulled into the Middle School Parking Lot and walked me back to that same path right outside the building, where he first asked me to be his girlfriend. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife, and once again, I said maybe. Because I’m mean like that. He smiled, knowing I was kidding. I said yes! And we were engaged. We left the school and as we were driving out of the parking lot, we noticed a white truck following behind us, their lights turned off. We got kind of scared, so we turned the opposite way from my house so that this mystery person couldn’t follow us home. Not a mile down the road, we saw flashing lights behind us. But Tomas wasn’t speeding. We pulled over and the police officer came to the car, with an enormous flashlight shining in our faces asking us why we were at the school. Someone had called the police on a suspicious person. Great. The officer asked for identification, and because I had been surprised, I had nothing but new, shiny engagement ring with me, but it did make for good proof of our alibi. We were let off with warning, a bit of a higher heart rate, and now a wedding to plan. All before we even graduated high school. 

We were married 14 months later, on June 13th, 2011.

We went on a dream honeymoon cruise to the Bahamas in July of that year.

Since then, we’ve owned two homes, had two kids, adopted a dog (I already had Duke), and have gone on several vacations.  We have built a life together, one that couldn’t exist without the other one. We are who we are because of the other person. Above all, we are best friends, and that is the greatest feeling. We are young in love, and we have always been young in love, but we’re happy and we’re in it, until death do us part. Tomas is forever my better half and I love that I get to spend every day, and every day of my forever, with him.