A Day in the Life with 7 Month old Twins

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory. But in case it’s not, here’s a glimpse of what a typical week day in our life is like right now. With 7 month old twins, as a stay at home, exclusively pumping mom, a working dad, 2 dogs, a partridge and a pear tree. (Are you over Christmas music yet?!)

6:30ish – Boys wake up for a bottle. I would say this is technically the start to our day, but we all go back to sleep after this until about 7:30. Tomas leaves for work around this time so he’s there by 7.

7:30ish – Up for the day! Diaper change and play time for the boys. They play in their Jumperoos while I quickly make our bed, grab a cup of coffee and a bagel, and pump.


8:00ish – Floor play time. Throw a load of laundry in. Depending on the day’s agenda, I may or may be productive during this time. I like to just sit with the boys and play until nap time if I can.


9:30ish – Nap #1. I get clean and dressed then start on my list of to-dos. Depending on the day, it’s usually a combination of housework, phone calls, baby food making, crock-pot readying, and something to do with laundry.

10:00ish – “Lunch” for the boys. Usually fruit of some kind and yogurt or possibly oatmeal. Then they get dressed and we play for a while. If I have vacuuming or something loud to do, I usually do it now while they play in their Jumperoos. Otherwise, I hang with them. We read, play with toys, sing and dance, they terrorize the dogs and each other.

11:30ish – Nap #2. I pump and eat lunch, then try to get the rest of my list done. This is their long nap of the day, so I have more time to be productive. It’s usually housework with a sprinkling of mailing things out, paying bills, etc.

1:00ish – Bottle for the boys. Play time. If we go somewhere, or have people over, this is usually the time to do that for us. The boys are well rested, fed, we are all dressed, and I have a good window between pumps. I don’t typically grocery shop with the boys, as it’s just a little more than I can handle all at once, but a quick Target trip, lunch with a friend, or even a walk around the neighborhood is always a nice change of scenery. A couple days a week, my mom comes over to chat and hang out during this time which I love.

3:00ish – Nap #3. Tomas comes home about now. We hang out for a little bit while the boys sleep and he decompresses from work. I pump about 3:30 or so.

3:30-4:00ish – “Dinner” for the boys. Usually vegetables for this meal. If dinner involves prep work, I usually start that now and Tomas takes over with the babes.

5:00ish – Bath time! Jude and Wyatt looove bath time, especially as they get older. It’s such a fun time for them and no matter what mood they may be in, it’s a pleasant time for everyone. By the way... these pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago. We've since moved them into the tub at the same time and it's working really well. They're learning how to sit up and play in the water now so bath time is becoming a stuff-the-whole-family-in-the-bathroom-so-we-can-all-play-together event.

5:30ish – Pajamas, bedtime bottle, and off to dreamland for the boys.

5:45ish – I finish up dinner then Tomas and I eat together. We talk about our day and whatnot. We have a “No Cell Phones at the Table” rule which keeps us from getting distracted by other people trying to contact us, or by social media. After dinner, I pump and then it’s Tomas and I time. We may spend a few minutes doing a couple house chores, but for the most part, we just hang out. We watch shows or a movie, play board games, read in bed together, sometimes work on projects for the house…We try to savor the time we have together and focus on us and relax. It’s really nice and I think it definitely helps keep our sanity intact, especially after rough days.

9:30ish – Tomas does the dishes from the day while I pump. We get ready for bed, and then sometimes watch a last show in bed – usually an episode of Good Eats or something, and then it’s off to dreamland for us as well. The boys are usually up about 3:00 AM or so to eat, so I get up and pump while Tomas feeds them, then we go back to sleep.