August Favs

It's September, y'all! One of my very favorite months because Fall is nearly upon us! Woop woop! I'm so very ready to be done with heat and to be back in boots and under cloudy skies. And I'm so ready for a Pumpkin Spice Latte I can't stand it. I know some of you are eye rolling hard at me right now, but that's okay. My love for Fall feels no shame. 

But just because August was hotter than I would have liked doesn't mean I didn't find a few things I didn't love. So today is a recap. My favorite things from August, some favorite photos, and of course, a catch-up spot for all my posts both here and on Moms Without Answers.

August Favs

Cinta Camera Strap. My sweet friend Faison (from Faison Anne Photography) turned me on to these camera straps when I want down in Houston and oh man do I love it. It's not only so freaking cute, but it's longer which I prefer, the padding on the neck is thinner so it's not so hot and uncomfortable, but it still does its job and keeps my heavy camera body from killing me all day. They're totally worth the money and I'm not-so-secretly hoping a wrist strap will show up in my stocking. (Hint: Santa...) 

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Fractionated Coconut Oil. I know this is widely used among Essential Oil users (which I use on occassion), but I have been keeping it in my bathroom sink because it's like the Cosmetic Holy Grail. I massage it all over my face to take all my makeup off, and it makes my skin feel like smooth baby bum butter afterwards. It helps with my undereye bags, doesn't break me out, and gets loose even the firmest of Kat Von D holds. It's amazing, and it's super cheap.

It Cosmetics CC Cream. I know so many people who boast about this stuff, and so no surprise that I'm now hooked. It's a buildable coverage foundation with tons of CC cream goodies in it that is both dewy on my skin without making me super oily. I'm the lightest shade, Fair, even though I bought the Light at first with wishful thoughts. And I love it. It wears great, blends great, and works for both every day and going out for Date Night.

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This chocolate cake. You may remember it from my Instagram last week, was such a huge hit with my friends that I don't think I can make anything else ever again. It's basically a cookie dough buttercream between rich chocolate cake, slathered in dark chocolate ganache. It's one of the most delicious things I've ever made and my friends have not stopped talking about it since. Recipe here.

Trader Joe's Wines. Trader Joe's is my favorite local place to get wine for a few reasons, one being the convenience. Another being that they have super cheap varieties that are surprisingly tasty. This Picton Bay Sauvignon Blanc and this Vina Olaya Tempranillo are both from Trader Joe's and both less than $10 a bottle. They're delicious and now kept in the house at all times.

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August Posts

In case you missed any Sara Dear posts from the month, here is a roll up of all of those:

And don't forget to check out the two posts I did for Moms Without Answers this month.

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August Photos

And now for my favorite part - our favorite photos from August.

And that's a wrap y'all. Happy September! And Happy Friday! If you need me, I'll be stalking the PSL fan boards to see if anyone has some leaked information on a release date. #Kidding #KindOf #NotKidding #NoShame #PSL #ThisIsGettingWeirdWithAllTheHashtags #Hashtag