A Look Inside My Bullet Journal

I was skeptical of the Bullet Journal at first. No paper planner ever worked for me, neither did paper journals so I wasn't convinced even though they looked cool and were completely customizable and were meant to help keep all your thoughts, plans, agendas, and journals in one place. But then this blog started to get busier, I started contributing to Moms Without Answers, I started having photo shoots pop up, preschool, play dates, appointments and lots of things I just could not remember or keep track of. And I wanted to journal so I could rememeber all the fun things the boys are doing, the dates we went on, the people we met. And then I kept having to keep track of the million little pieces of paper I had scattered with notes to myself, lists of this and that, outlines for blog posts. And I never could remember anything I put in my phone because if I don't physically put pen to paper, my memory just doesn't work. 

Long story short - the Bullet Journal has solved all of these issues for me and it's one item for me to keep track of that keeps track of basically my entire brain, which if you know me is always running and completely scattered all the time. Some people use their Bullet Journals to be more artsy, they color code and use different hand lettering techniques with shapes and designs. And as much as I would love to doodle in mine and make it pretty, I just don't take the time. It's pretty much all business, in both front and back, but it's helped keep me so much more on track with  everything I do and for that, I am forever grateful.

 But if it's all the same to you, I wanted to walk you through my Bullet Journal today so you can see the kinds of things I put in mine, how I lay it out, and what has made it work for me.

Bullet Journal (9 of 9) PIN GRAPHIC.jpg

Basic Setup

I use a Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Dotted Notebook in White for my actual journal which I absolutely love. It is very well made and the pens don't bleed through. The Sharpie Pens have been a long time favorite of mine so it was the obvious choice, I added a pen holder for convenience, and I keep a handy 6 inch ruler for page layouts.

Bullet Journal (2 of 9).jpg

Pens | Pen Loop | Ruler | Notebook (White no longer available, similar)

I have a legend for the types of symbols I use, a table of contents, a 6-months at a glance calendar... you know, the typical things.

Then it's mostly arranged in chronological order. 

Every month is set up side by side like this - one linear calendar for my personal stuff, one for my blog's editorial calendar. 

Bullet Journal (6 of 9).jpg

And each week gets a dedicated spot for more details. Appointments and play dates, birthdays, events, what blog post is schedules for which day that week, and what we have planned for dinner.

Bullet Journal (7 of 9).jpg

And for every week I keep a master list of house chores (from my daily list from this post) and a running to do list of the other things I need to do from blog things, to phone calls, appointments, etc...



The best part about Bullet Journals are Collections, and they're what make Bullet Journaling so perfect for everyone and unique to each journaler. Journalist? Journalician? Journalator? Anyway... Collections. They're basically lists or different pages you keep. I keep lots of different things in mine, to name a few...

  • Christmas Gift List
  • Birthday Gift Lists
  • Blog Post Ideas
  • Books to Read
  • Movies to Watch
  • Blog Stats Tracker
  • Garden Wish List (Yeah I'm weird)
  • List of My Favorite Things (For my monthly recap posts like this one and this one)
  • Recipe Ideas
  • Blog Post Outlines and Brainstorms
  • House Projects
  • Craft and Sewing Projects
  • Packing Lists (These go next to the week the trip will be taking place)

And then of course I do some journaling. If I have a specific memory or something I really want to write about, I'll put in a specific date entry and just use it as a diary. It's so nice to have all my thoughts, lists, needs, agendas, and brain dumps in one place. If I need to write something down really quick, I throw it in my Bullet Journal. If the boys do something adorable or say something sweet, I write it in my bullet journal. And as my needs change, so does the bullet journal. I sometimes tape in invitations or special photos. It's basically a catalog of my entire life that I can save forever, and look back on fondly when I can't remember what life was like in 2016. 

Bullet Journal Layout (1 of 3).jpg

Do you Bullet Journal? Do you keep a diary? How about a paper planner at all? Or are you all digital? Tell me! I love to see how other people keep track!