The Everything Closet

So, down the hallway upstairs, we have a pretty large linen closet. Ironically, I don't really use linen closets. Not for linens. I keep towels in their respective bathrooms and sheets in their respective bedrooms, so I had this random closet. Oh what would I do with a random closet?

Well... I did this...

Judgement free zone, right? This closet became the drop zone for all the random stuff in the house that I didn't know where else to put. My medical supplies (which I have a lot of, thanks to Type 1 Diabetes), medicines, first aid, all the toilet paper it looks like I hoard because I have an addiction to finding good bulk deals on Amazon, dog accessories, all the candles and wax melts I hoard because I have an addiction to nice smelling things. So basically, this closet has become my life-sized junk drawer and as I neglected it, it became my Monica Closet. (If you don't get that reference, go watch all 10 Seasons of Friends on Netflix right now. I'll wait....)

Anyway, it needed some attention. And some bins. We all know how much I love my bins. So with some thought and a little bit of shopping around, I completely transformed that closet from Mildly Upsetting Dysfunction Closet to a Perfectly Labeled, Supah Organized Bargain Catch-All Closet. And all for less than $100. Please, please. Hold your applause until the end. 

Sarcasm, y'all.

The Everything Closet (9 of 12) PIN GRAPHIC.jpg

I knew I needed a ton of medium sized bins for this closet because I had a lot of little things to corral. And I knew I needed some free-standing drawers for the empty space below the bottom shelf. So I went to Target and grabbed 3 sets of free-standing storage drawers (this one and this one) and then I went to grab a bunch of medium sized bins. Except when I got over to them, even the most basic ones were $10 a piece. Ouch. By my calculations, I needed 15 of them. That was $150 just to hold stuff. Like I said... ouch. My drawers already set me back $45 and I just didn't want to make this a $200 project. That's not necessary. So I gave up the search at Target, figuring I'd look into a DIY solution. But as I passed by the dish-drainers, I saw something. A beacon. A sign from above. A dish tub. 

Yeah you heard me. A dish tub. Like for washing dishes in. And it was exactly the size I needed, sturdy plastic, and $2 each. HAL-LE-LU-JAH.

So I got them all home and loaded everything up in these bins. I used the leftover chalkboard tape I had from this project to make 3 inch labels for each bin, and labeled the contents. Then I stepped back, and it was in that moment that this closet became one of the most valued spaces in this house. I always needed somewhere to keep this stuff. Somewhere central to the rest of the house, but not invasive. I never really had found a good place to store extra candles and extra shopping bags before. But now I have a place, and it feels so good. 

You want to see the organization? Can you handle it? 

Beyond my drool-ey antics, this closet is actually really handy. It's right between the kitchen, main bathroom, and bedrooms so this stuff is always easily accessible. It helps keep this clutter out of my laundry room which holds all the cleaning supplies, and it keeps my inventory in plain site so I always know when it's time to stock back up on things. 

If you're looking for the products, here they are. The dish bins aren't listed on Target's website, but I found some very similar ones for you. I suggest looking at your local Target for the cheaper ones because these are more expensive.

3 Drawer Set | 5 Drawer Set | White Dish Bins | Chalkboard Tape

And just because I feel you need a farewell dose of symmetry and labels, here you go:

I hope your Tuesday is amazing! The weather is still awesome here so I'd better dash and get outside before the rain comes back!