An Organized Cooking Station

I really love our new kitchen. Specifically, I really love our stove set up. Because it's gas and we have ovens on the wall, there's a lot of storage all around it, including underneath it. But when we unpacked, I didn't even attempt to organize it. I just wanted it out of boxes. And now that we've been here for 4 weeks, it's high time I stopped living with the dysfunction. 

I focused on three main areas - the counter, the shelves on either side of the vent hood, and the drawer underneath the cabinet.

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To corral the counter clutter, I added a copper tray. These aren't all of our cooking utensils by any means, but this is the stuff I use every day that I want to keep accessible.

Copper Tray No Longer Available (Similar Here) | Wooden Bowls from Home Goods (Similar Here) | White Utensil Crock from Home Goods (Similar Here) | Spoon Rest from Target


Things we use less often get stowed away in the drawer underneath the cook top. When I unpacked this stuff, I basically just tossed it in and closed the drawer quickly. 

I picked up a couple organizers from Target and finally got it squared away. 

Room Essentials Expanding Drawer Organizer, Not Available Online, Still Available in Store (Similar Here) | Room Essentials Medium Drawer Organizer from Target

I was able to fit everything we had in there previously and give it all a specific place. I grouped like items together like thermometers, serving spoons, rubber spatulas, cooking spatulas, etc. That makes it easier to maintain the organization and easier to know where things go when we're unloading the dishwasher.


Then came the spices. This is really where I had to completely rethink my system. In our last house, I used magnetic strips on the inside of the pantry cabinet to store spices in tins.

I didn't want to put up the magnetic tape in this house and those tins really just don't work any other way... In fact. Our spice storage was failing hard.

 So I picked up a few new supplies and reorganized the spices.

Clear Spice Jars | Spice Labels

I could have used my label maker to make these labels, but your guess is as good as mine as to which box it's in. These labels were cheap, fit the spice jars perfectly and there were only a couple spices that weren't included in the list. They do include blank labels to write in your own if you need to. Or if you totally mess up the ginger label. *ahem*

And I know those shelves are technically all wine racks, but we 1. don't keep that much wine in the house (cause I drink it all) and 2. need that real estate for usable stuff. So on the bottom shelves, the spices are arranged alphabetically. Above that, I keep some frequent use oils & vinegars, and then I still have storage for 8 bottles of wine up there. That's more than enough. #NoSuchThing #NeedMoreWine

When you step back, in spite of all of that stuff, and all of that utility, it looks like clean counters and zero clutter. Just how I like it to be.

So tell me - how do you organize your cooking station? Any products or tips you want to share? 

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