Coming Along in the Living Room

Everyone has been asking, "How is the house?" And I always answer, "It's coming along!" We're past the initial unpack and into the furnishing phase. We still have a couple spaces to unpack and set up, but as we're settling in, it's becoming very obvious we were under-equipped for this house. We sold a lot of furniture before we left, like a lot. And then we moved into a house that is about 500 square feet larger. So as we're getting things out of boxes, we're also turning our attention towards acquiring some furniture and other house essentials. Like rugs, because there's no carpet in the entire house, which I actually love. So when I say things are coming along, I really mean our front porch looks like this half the time...

We've been doing some shopping.... 

So today I wanted to give a small glimpse of an update on the living room upstairs. If you don't remember, it looked like this... a total blank canvas.

This space is nowhere near done, but it's furnished....ish. There are still boxes in the corners and cords aren't organized and there aren't any accessories out yet. I just wanted to show you so that you have a better idea as we go forward and make it more done and more pretty. And even though it's nowhere near done, we're really happy with how the space is shaping up.

We put our sofa up here from the living room in the last house but it's just not the right sofa for this space. Until we have one to replace, this will do, but it will eventually met back up with its mate down in the play room. We also added side tables (from Wayfair), brought in the lamps we previously had in our bedroom (from Target but no longer available), and got a new TV stand (from Crate + Barrel). Oh, and we added a fab cow hide from IKEA. It's been a dream of mine to have a cowhide rug so we finally took the plunge and got one. I named him Bo and he's now like a third pet to me. I pet him sometimes.

I'm really liking the feeling of symmetry centered around the huge window in the room. It seemed almost instinctive to make the fireplace the focal point and center the furniture around that but there really wasn't a good way to do that without make the room feel closed off from the entrance into the room. So in using the window to anchor the large furniture, and letting the fireplace be an additional focal point in the room, I think it makes the long, rectangular room feel more balanced and allows for a better flow of traffic through the room, into the dining room, and through the kitchen.

Oh and a funny story about our deer head...

His name is Goldflake. My dad, back in his bull riding days, rode a bull named Snowflake. It was the last bull that bucked him off before he quit the business. For years my parents had a bull's head in hanging above their fireplace that they lovingly named Snowflake after that bull.When they moved and took Snowflake down, my brother inherited him, much to my dismay. So when I found this deer head on clearance at Target right after Christmas, I knew he needed to be ours. And when he found his home right above our fireplace, I knew it was meant to be. And so was born Goldflake.... 

What? Don't you name everything in your house? No? Just me?

Anyway, as we move forward, on my list for this room is:

  • Layer a larger rug underneath the sofa and cowhide to anchor the space
  • Replace the sofa
  • Add in a coffee table
  • Add cabinets or shelves beside the fireplace for storage 
  • Add a gallery wall around the TV
  • Organize cords and cables behind TV so they're not so visible from the side
  • Hang curtains
  • Wall hangings! Accessories! Pretty things! 

And that's just for this room. Don't even get me started on all of the other lists and rooms we have "coming along." That's a post for another day. I'm really excited to share this space with you as it evolves. It's definitely starting to feel like a great space for our whole family and we are enjoying it a lot.

So, now, my friends it's time for the weekend. Thank GOODNESS. It's Valentine's Day weekend! I'm sure we'll mostly be doing things around the house (as usual), but we're hoping to take some time out and feel the love and do some fun things as a family. What about you? Do you have any fun plans? Does your UPS guy think you're crazy like mine does? Hah!

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine's Day. XOXO

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