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There are some things that I come across and really love. And I want to share them with you but they never really have a great place to fit them in so I wanted to share a few things I've found lately and loved. Some are products, some aren't, but either way I think they're worth the time!

1. EcoBeauty Good Night Night Cream. My skin always feels dehydrated (no matter how much water I drink!) but gets very oily throughout the day, and this really helps with both of those things. It's very hydrating but never oily, and just sinks into my skin without that film some night creams have. I know the price is a little steep, but trust me, a little goes a long way, and it's worth every single penny. 

2. Leather Crossbody Bag. I looked high and low for the perfect bag. I really needed something that had a cross body strap, like our diaper bag, but also had shoulder straps. It needed to have a zipper. It needed to be able to carry the day-to-day kid essentials as well as my own stuff. I needed it to double as a laptop bag when I blog outside of the house. You get it. It needed to do a lot. And no bags fit that bill until I found this surprisingly affordable one on Amazon. And I love it. It's held up really great and holds everything without being too big. And it feels a lot more stylish than a typical diaper bag.

3. I'm all about meals made in the oven lately. I always have so much to do that spending time watching something get hot on the stove just doesn't sound super appealing. And we've also been trying to do meatless Mondays around here. A few weeks ago, we tried Gimme Some Oven's Eggplant Parmesan and it was delicious. It made enough to feed all of us twice (and then some!) and it was so super easy. Definitely one to try, guys! 

4.  Tweedz Headphones. I have bought all those little headphone keeper things, I've tried little cases... all in the name of trying to keep them untangled. But they never work, and then I never use them so the cases are just one more lost thing floating in the bottom of my purse along with the cracker wrappers and one single toddler sock. Anyway, these braided headphones are awesome. They don't tangle! I mean, they loop around themselves some, but they literally just pull from the little wad of headphones I find at the bottom of my bag and don't get into a tangled mess. Thank goodness for that! Plus, they come in a super pretty gold and white color that I love. I got a little tired of plain black or neon pink headphones and these are actually kind of stylish. They're also super durable because the braiding on the outside helps keep them from bending and kinking. And on top of all that, they have great sound Seriously love them!! Find out more about Tweedz Durable Braided Headphones Here

5. And speaking of headphones - THE BEATLES ARE ON SPOTIFY!!! Guys. The Beatles are my favorite band of all time. (I mean come on I have a kid named Jude...) I've literally been listening to them on repeat since they came onto Spotify. Today I have been listening to Blackbird over and over. I don't know why. Just seemed like a Blackbird kind of day. And when the boys are fighting a lot, I put on Come Together. :D 

6. Nourish and Namaste. I love love love this blog. Totally approachable, down to earth health and fitness. Madison definitely knows what she's talking about, and definitely walks the walk. But she's really relatable and I love to hear (read?) what she has to say. She's also really fun to follow on Instagram, too!

7. San Francisco Bay K-Cups. One of the biggest heart aches over Keurigs is the cost of K-cups. The other is the waste that comes along with them. I discovered San Francisco Bay about a year ago at Costco and then added them to my subscribe & save on Amazon because it has an answer to both of these problems. The taste is amazing, the whole pod is 97% compostable (yeah - not just recyclable!), and depending on how you buy them, they average about $0.30 a k-cup, which is about half of what I see them for off the shelf at the grocery store. And did I mention the coffee is delicious? So delicious. 

8. Toni & Guy Dry Shampoo. I recently discovered this dry shampoo and I really love it. My hair is super fine so it shows product pretty easily and this is really light which means I can even get away with third day hair and little more product. It's really effective, too, and lasts all day. t is a little perfume-y, so steer clear if you don't like that. Otherwise, I think it's a keeper.

9. This Mama Bear shirt was a gift from my BFF for Christmas and I've worn it, minimum, twice a week since she gave it to me. Tomas also got the Papa Bear shirt and sometimes when my Mama Bear shirt is in the laundry, I think about stealing his so I don't have to part with it. Obliterating gender roles in the name of my favorite t-shirt since 2015. The fit is perfect, it felt worn in from the first time I wore it, and it's super cute (duh).

And those are the things I'm loving lately! What are you loving? Any new recipes, blogs, or products that you feel the need to share? Let us know in the comments below! Share the love!

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Tweedz Headphones were supplied to me for this review and inclusion in this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine! For more information on that kind of stuff, please visit my disclosures page.