Our Bedtime Routine with Little Green Cares

Psst… This post is brought to you by Little Green Cares. All opinions, thoughts, and cute kids are my own. 

Little Green Cares is a natural brand of skin and hair care products designed specifically for littles and useful for the whole family. All of their products are gluten free, paraben free, sulfate free, cruelty free, and all of their packaging is recyclable. We are very adamant in this household about using safe, healthy products that are also effective and we're so excited to be adding Little Green Cares to that lineup. 

I’m pretty convinced that a consistent bedtime routine is the only thing that has kept us sane, especially through this move. Since the boys were probably 3ish months old, we’ve had a bedtime routine. It’s changed as they’ve gotten older, but we’ve tried really hard to keep it as consistent as possible and it’s really become a special time for our whole little family to round off our day with the boys (and get some much needed alone time for Tomas and I).

We do bath time every other night right after dinner. If it’s not a bath night, I do the dishes and Tomas plays with the boys (i.e. keeps them out of too much trouble and the dishwasher). But bath nights are my favorite. Jude and Wyatt really love to play in the bath tub and. Pretty often we have to peel them out of an already-drained tub and rush to make it to bedtime. 

Part of the reason we only do a bath every other night is because both boys have sensitive skin and eczema so we don’t want to upset it too much. We love that Little Green Cares is made with all-natural, cruelty free, gentle ingredients that don’t bother the boys’ skin. It smells so good – like oatmeal kind of – and a little bit goes a long way!

Shampooing and soaping takes all of 60 seconds so we just let them play until they tell us they’re done. They stand up and hold out their arms to be picked up and say “Done!” which I just love. <3 Then it’s time to get out, wrap up in a warm towel, and put on jammies.

(Batman Towel)

Of course, because of their poor dry skin, we always put lotion on. The Little Green Cares lotion is thick but not gloopy and is super effective without feeling greasy. Plus, during lotion time is a great time to get in some tickles.

If they have any eczema breakout spots or any irritated patches, we like to put something a little heavier duty on those spots and the Little Green Cares soothing balm is perfect for that. I have also been using it for my lips lately because they're so chapped and this is the only thing that doesn't wear off after 30 minutes. 

After lotion, it’s teeth brushing time which can be kind of a battle between them not wanting their teeth brushed and also wanting to do it themselves. Toddlers, am I right?

Then it’s time to wrap it up before bed! We like to read a couple of books before bed and the boys try their hardest to push out their remaining energy with a dance party/run around in circles which makes for extra blurry photos and lots of fun.

Buffalo Plaid Pajamas

Then it’s time for bed! We tuck them in…

And they climb out almost immediately. Thanks to their new-found freedom in their toddler beds, getting in and out of bed is the new cool thing to do, apparently.

It’s frustrating but they eventually find their way back to bed and go to sleep, after playing together for a while.

Then it’s time for Tomas and Sara time. Which, lately, means finishing up dishes and trying to get the house a little more put together before we collapse into bed and hope the boys sleep past 5.

I have to say, I was really impressed with Little Green Cares products. I actually stowed the lotion in the kitchen because my hands and have been so dry (thanks boxes. thanks winter.). They're great for the whole family, they're cruelty free, and they're good for the environment. Check all of my boxes.

So tell me, what does your bedtime look like? What products do you love for your littles? (and yourself... I'm probably keeping that soothing balm in my purse because it's so great!) 

I’d like to thank Little Green Cares for the product provided and for making this post possible! It was really fun to document our bedtime routine before these quickly growing babes grow into another phase and to share some great products while we're at it. To see the products I spoke about, click here. And to learn more about Little Green Cares, please click here. 

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