A Toddler Space with Room to Grow

When I was pregnant, I was so focused on making sure the boys’ nursery was perfect. It was decorated, and arranged just so, and I was really happy with the room once the boys arrived. Then we moved. And all of the sudden, we had an entire house full of unfinished, unfurnished spaces, so the boys room got pushed to the way-way-way side. I basically just unpacked and let it be. But now that we’ve officially been in our home a year and spaces are starting to evolve, I really want Jude and Wyatt to have a space all their own that’s both pleasant and functional.

So far, we’ve put furniture in there, hung our own curtains, removed the closet doors, and replaced the ceiling fan.

I want the room to feel bright (since it’s pretty small) but still cozy. I want it to feel like a kid’s room without being busy – it’s still a space meant for sleeping after all. Most of all, I want it to be a space that will grow with them.

My to-do list items for this room are:

  • Hang stuff on the walls!

  • Create a reading/sitting space

  • Add storage for books (we don’t keep many toys in here, but most of their books are in this room so we need storage for them)

  • Organize storage spaces

  • Add personalized pieces

  • Add a fresh coat of paint

  • Add fresh textiles (window treatments, rug, etc)

  • Maybe a fun ceiling feature?

My rules for the space:

  • All furniture must stay

  • The curtains stay

  • DIY as much as humanly possible

As for my design inspiration for the space, I’ve created a little mood board to show you what’s been swirling around in my brain. This includes some of the existing things we have in the space so I can get a better idea of how everything will work together. I love doing these when I’m trying to design a new space so that I have a clear idea of where I’m headed.

I am going for a mostly neutral color palette, lots of texture, and a few fun DIYs to make the room theirs and theirs alone.

I’m excited to dive into this project and to show you as I go!

I hope your Labor Day weekend was amazing! We had a great one and now I’m turning my head towards getting ready for fall! Pumpkin spice is back, y’all!

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